July 13, 2024

2 thoughts on “Safe Zones and Disaster Zones

  1. All quite plausible – except the rapid 90° crustal displacement, which physically cannot happen.

    What actually happens, is that in the space of a day or so, the Earth’s poles slowly accelerate their exchange of places (which they can do without affecting the planet’s rotational axis, momentum, or externally apparent spin direction), accelerate, and then abruptly halt – and among other things, that abrupt halt causes mega-tsunami, and 30° crustal displacement, such that Vostok swings round the other side of the axis (remaining polar, frozen).

    1. Oops. Another thing that shouldn’t be included in the ‘plausible’ category is the preposterous ‘micronova’ invention.

      The Sun will remain perfectly normal throughout The Earth’s reorientation.

      That’s not to say that with considerable consequent disruption to The Earth’s magnetosphere, there won’t be many funky things befalling the surface that a stable magnetosphere otherwise prevents.

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