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I love researching topics I’m interested in, and sometimes I write books about it.  I have been fascinated with end of the world prophecies since about the age of 9, after watching an HBO special on Nostradamus prophecies… So it’s no surprise that my first published book (and one of my most recent ones) are about Nostradamus…

2018 Update: My most recent book, written since that photo, is

And as this “about” page used to say:

“Don’t let him fool you with what he hopes are fascinating and insightful posts on a wide variety of subjects – he’s focused on prophecy unfolding all around us. Years ago you may have passed him near the archives in Washington D.C., London, or the Vatican – or shared a bus ride to a pyramid or temple in places like Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Mexico or Guatemala… but it is now more likely he is searching for answers online – at home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – where he celebrates every possible moment with his three inquisitive children, who remind him that we should never stop asking questions.”

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  1. Greetings,
    Israel has had 44 kings in their history and Obama is the 44th President (I say that loosely) of the United States. For whatever reason, Obama quotes Psalm 46 on the 10th anniversary of 9-11. What Obama fears, along with all the other world leaders,politicians and the elite, is the soon fulfillment of “Psalm 45”. For The King & Queen of Psalm 45 will utterly crush and destroy all the governments on the earth and will establish their government in Jerusalem.

  2. Hello David Montaigne, Ijust finished your lastest book about the Antichrist. I thought it was very insiteful y the way. However, I was wondering why you left out a big detail that I think can help build your case for Obama being the Antichrist. I thought you should have mentioned Obamas church growing up, The trinity church in Chicago. I find their beliefs to line up with those of the Georgia Guidestones, and ultimately the New World Order. Any thoughts on this subject?

    1. Garrett,
      Thanks for reading my Antichrist 2016-2019 book and asking a question on my blog.
      I did consider adding more about Obama’s church, and comments made by Reverend Wright that are very anti-American and seem to blame White America. But I didn’t want to make my book, or my case for Obama, based on race at all. I didn’t want anyone to be able to say I’m picking on Obama just because he’s black – so I went out of my way to avoid mentioning it at all. Intelligent readers know about that church and what has been said there anyway; I felt it was more important to focus on new things most intelligent readers would still not have heard of before.

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    Do you know John Little ( OmegaShock / Ezekie’sFire ) or TimMcHyde ( KnowTheFuture ).

    I would be very interested in hearing the 3 of you discuss end times.


    bond servant of MESSIAH YAHSHUA,

    loren martell

  4. I am reading Antichrist 2016-2019. I’m a Born again christian, studied Biblical eschatology from age 10. Have many thoughts about what you write and agree with it overall. I am torn between wanting to inform my family and wanting to protect them from knowing things God hasn’t shown them. Knowing that God is soon going to put an end to the evil and suffering going on in the world is a big relief; yet knowing how little time is left feels sad. I wonder how you handle it. Back in the 90s, an acquaintance was not doing a good job in homeschooling her kids but excused it by saying her husband didn’t think the world would last long enough for them to grow up, so it didn’t matter. Yet the New Testament tells us to keep busy until he comes. My family is Christian except one, and I don’t think anything I say would make a difference to any of them.

    1. Hello Nanette,
      First of all, although I feel there is massive evidence for my timeline of events, I could be wrong. So my advice is to be prepared spiritually and materially for events we expect to occur soon – without sacrificing what you need to do for normal everyday life. Don’t press anyone who doesn’t have eyes to see or ears to hear with unpopular warnings of imminent doom. Don’t neglect your children or their education – don’t quit your job – etc. And cherish every day as if it is the last time you may experience such things (which is always true, for everyone, as there is always the risk that war or disease or an accident could rob us of the future we expect.) Make a point of being prepared, but also make a point of enjoying the moment. Just as we should savor every cookie in the box as if it is the last one, I recommend savoring every wonderful aspect of our everyday lives and being thankful to have experienced so much already. With my focus on events I consider likely to occur on June 6, 2016 – I already find myself thinking – I probably just had my last normal Father’s Day. Soon I will watch what might be my last 4th of July fireworks with my kids. EVER. So I will relish the experience while I still can, because fireworks, air conditioning, pizza, medical care, freedom, and life itself could disappear soon. Having long ago accepted that there might be very little time left – it actually feels like there has been a LONG time. I feel ready for being right, and I feel ready for being wrong and living a long, normal life. Don’t betray yourself or your future by not being prepared for multiple possibilities – and don’t betray your religious faith like millions will when the world horribly fails to live up to their optimistic expectations. Our faith must be in God, not in men of this world.

  5. But

    688 + 1260 =1948
    688 + 1335 = 2023
    2023 – 7 = 2016
    2019 is the midpoint.

    but you already knew that.

    1. There are many historical dates and many prophetic time frames with which one can attempt to calculate prophetic end times dates.
      I applaud anyone’s attempt to do so.
      But I do not see the significance of the year 688AD (in regard to the Dome of the Rock, or anything else)
      Nor do I see the significance of the year 2023.
      I do believe it is significant that if we start in 584 BC when the Babylonians destroyed the Jewish Temple (I know many historians say 586BC but they are incorrectly mixing Babylonian and Jewish information and attributing a Babylonian method for reckoning the start of a king’s reign – backdating to the previous Nisan 1 in the spring – when Jeremiah would have POST-dated the reign to the upcoming Tishri 1 – and this 18 month discrepancy has many historians quoting the wrong year)
      584 BC plus 1260 years (with no year zero) brings us to 677AD when it seems construction of the first mosque at the site of the Dome of the Rock began (the abomination)
      Add 1290 years to reach 1967 AD when the Israeli army liberated the site of the Dome of the Rock – which is even more prophetically relevant than Israel’s creation in 1948.
      Add 45 years to that and I believe we reach Daniel’s 1335 days at the end of 2012, not coincidentally – the exact day the Mayan Long Count ended.
      Seven years of tribulation (yes we’re in it now) after that – meaning we reach the midpoint when the Great Tribulation begins on June 6, 2016
      and the end of the entire seven years of tribulation on December 21, 2019 –
      when the sun, moon, and planets start to act out all major steps of a week-long ancient Jewish wedding ceremony in the night skies.
      We even experience Isaiah 13:10 “The sun will be dark when it rises” just before the last day – when on December 26, 2019 –
      there is a total solar eclipse at sunrise, visible from Jerusalem.
      There is much, much more pointing to the key dates in my timeline –
      but I do not feel the years 688 or 2023 have prophetic significance.
      Feel free to let me know if you read all the details in my books and still think there is more merit to 688 and 2023
      and less merit to 677, 1967, and 2012-2016-2019 as the final seven years.

  6. “A quick search reveals that 688 ad is recognized dating for the founding year of the construction of the Islamic shrine, the Dome of the Rock.”

  7. Also —- 1290 days from the abomination to the end.
    1260 days from Michael to the end (42 months)
    so 30 days from the abomination to Michael (during 2019)
    All of the sixth seal and seven trumpets must fit into this 30 days. (these 30 days are not at the end as you say in your book. (you ignore Michael’s 42 months) although ironically they are during 2019 as you say, it’s just that this is the mid point. The witnesses are from 2019 to 2023. We will see if the Islamic group treaty is signed within the next year, a point which you say happened in secret in 2012 (or simply hasn’t happened yet)

  8. Of course after the Islamic invasion of Jerusalem in 677 ad a wooden temple was built. you can therefore and add 1290 years to that to get to 1967 with the retaking of Jerusalem. But that’s it. The Dome of the Rock is all important. Therefore 688 ad is THE date to work with. Hence 1948 (+1260) and hence 2023 (+1335). Wait for the Islamic anti ISIS treaty (2015/16).. Don’t lead people to wait for Jesus in 2019 it’s a bad move although + 30 days and you are correct. Fine lines. Love as always and love your books.

  9. Gordon is correct. The first abomination to be set up is the Islamic Dome of the rock. 688ad. The second abomination to be set up is the Anti Christ in said Mosque 2019. You will have to wait 1335 years after the first abomination and 1335 days after the second abomination for the return of Christ 2023.

    David your books are wrong.

  10. Hello David,
    have just read your book re, Obama Antichrist and enjoyed, please forgive my endtimes loose knowledge but if Obama was to overtly claim to be a god next year at a rebuilt Jerusalem temple would not the two witnesses now be in the open?
    P,s it shall be interesting to see what the Temple institutes announcement is come Monday is.

    1. I think the two witnesses will be in Jerusalem for the final 3.5 years from June 2016 to December 2019.
      And yes, hopefully the Temple Institute announcement is major news, and not just hype.

  11. Thank you for reply, for some reason i’ve always perceived the 2 witnesses as being chronologically in the first half.
    I shall reread Revelations for a new perspective.

    1. I understand your opinion, but I disagree. If the Bible were 100% clear and everyone agreed on all details, there would not be discussions on when the rapture is or when the trumpets are or a hundred other things. We should study and discern and never stop reading for more insights.

  12. You are a charlatan. You know this book is inconsistent with the Bible and yet you delete comments that point this out. You are a liar.

    1. Actually, Gordon, I get a lot of comments – nothing appears unless I approve them – and I simply choose not to approve them all. I include some negative posts from people who disagree with my interpretation. I already approved your earlier (July 1st) post about the years 688 and 2023, and I disagree with you, as you are free to disagree with me. I believe my book is entirely consistent with the Bible. I believe Matthew 24:36 is misunderstood by most people, and should be viewed as Young’s Literal Translation words it – that no one had known (future timing) but that knowing it in the end times is not ruled out, but EXPECTED.

      “For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known.” Luke 8:17
      “These words are concealed and sealed up until the end time.” Daniel 12:9
      “If you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come.” Revelation 3:3
      “But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day would overtake you like a thief.” 1 Thessalonians 5:4

      For what it’s worth, a new book just came out by Marcial Ferreira called False God 2016. The author seems to share my general interpretation (Antichrist coming in 2016) but since I haven’t read it yet (it just came out a few days ago on July 30) I can’t say more until I receive a copy and read it. Could we both be wrong? Of course we could. Tom Horn and all the others too. But we believe what we are writing and if you read our books you may see the evidence that leads many researchers to similar conclusions.

    1. Assuming my understanding and my timeline are correct, the Archangel Michael is still restraining, until the identity of the Antichrist is allowed to be revealed in June 2016. Then the Antichrist reigns, and for 3.5 years (1290 days) we suffer under his domination of the Earth. Then in December 2019, there is a war in heaven, and the armies of God are led by Michael against the fallen angels of Satan. So although you could say that Michael and Satan are fighting now, it has just been about restraining so far. Michael is the restrainer. But in December 2019, it will be war.

    1. Though I understand why someone might assume the war in heaven is completed at the middle of the final seven years, because Satan comes down to Earth to indwell the Antichrist, remember that Satan is no match for God and Jesus. The Antichrist only reigns for 3.5 years because God allows it. When the actual “battle” begins, Satan and the Antichrist are defeated almost instantaneously. And the astronomical clues that I find to be very relevant to this indicate the cosmic battle is in December 2019, not June 2016.
      Of course, this is just my interpretation of the evidence. And while I feel it is convincing, it is good that you are asking questions and investigating yourself instead of taking anyone’s word for it. Many people promote their own ideas and very different timetables. Look at the evidence. Some “theories” have none.

  13. The Satanic chaos of the great tribulation is because Satan is cast down at the start of the second half of the tribulation. Surely you realise this David. Or are you a satanist?

  14. The Antichrist will be a female from Ama-ruca(in Quiche Maya and Kechua Inca related languages)-America,the Motherly coast=Dragon/Serpent continent with most freedoms to females,and Statue Liberty=the masonic symbol of Antichrist! Not Obama,but Hillarious Clinton may be fullfilling that masonic high role,as a masonic high ranking member of the Blue(zionist)Lodge of Ama-ruca/Jer-USA-lem…

  15. David: I am very thankful for having your books to help make sense of things as the Earth dies in front of our eyes. The only way I could match your written description of the Tree of Life illustration near the end of “Endtimes…”was to place Saturn at the crossing point just below the uppermost circle that represents Galactic Center. Thus the 2 circles
    at that level could represent Saturn and a ring/or is it meant some other way? Also, do you have any thoughts on how the approximate 5000 year cycle fits in with the 25,800 year grand cycle of the Mayans. Also, if memory serves
    me right, the Hopi and the Mayans say this is the last go round. Can you straighten me out on this stuff? Thanx…

    1. Gary,
      Thanks for reading my books – and I’m glad they make sense out of things for you. As for the Tree of Life imagery in End Times and 2019, look at the image of the sky on page 338. Saturn is above the sun which is on the horizon. Read the description in the middle of page 337 and write the names of the heavenly bodies on the appropriate circles on the image on page 336. Maybe that will help you see where they should be. It’s not that any arrangement is inherently special – what matters is that (at least according to Jay Weidner (who I think is brilliant) and Vincent Bridges (on p. 258 of their book, “The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye” – not that I have any idea how they determined the correlation of sefirot positions in the tree of life pattern to heavenly bodies – they just claim them to be “the traditional planetary attributions of the sefirot.”) – what matters is that that correlation, which I assume is a legitimate and ancient one from Israeli and/or Egyptian sources – plays out in the position of the sky in January 2020 for the first time in perhaps 5,000 years or so, and seems to be a time we will not reach intact.
      The Mayan Long Count cycle of about 5,125 years may match it, and that is approximately 1/5th of a precession cycle of almost 26,000 years.
      We may be in the final fifth, with the greatest destruction that comes once every 26,000 years. How bad could it be? Apparently Neanderthals experienced a huge population collapse two cycles back (52,000 years ago) and died out last time 26,000 years ago.
      Many clues point to a division in five relating to world ages, from the forbidden apple in Genesis (slice an apple, it is divided in 5) to the 72 degrees between monuments on the old equator – 72 degrees is one fifth of a circle. One ancient circle, with Nazca Peru and Angkor Wat in Cambodia at opposite ends of the globe, also has Easter Island and Giza, Egypt exactly on the line – is this a former equator?
      Keep reading my books and a few others I mention and you’ll connect a lot of dots

  16. I am also a Jay Weidner fan. He shows up on renseradio.com once or twice a month. Even as we “speak” more dots are spewing forth from the false president/soon to be “indwelled” (thank you bringing that word to my attn)/
    and the false prophet from Argentina (where he murdered thousands). As Greg Hunter points out on today’s weekly news wrap-up at usawatchdog.com, 2 days
    and several speeches into his historic visit, the false Jesuit pope has not mentioned the name of Christ yet/not
    once. Also recent signs in the sky may also be dots to connect: double rainbow over NY on 9/11 anniversary/
    double rainbow on same day in Japan as per Ben Fulford/huge BinLaden crane collapse in Mecca on same day
    killing many. Thanks again for your great work.

  17. How could the tribulation have begun in 2012 when the antichrist has yet to appear and make a 7-year covenant wIth Israel?Many thanks.

    1. I believe that the 7-year covenant began 12/21/2012 with the selection of Kerry to handle both the peace process and the planning for the “Covenant of Peoples” tour Obama had in Israel soon after. I think Alan Kurschner is correct in his book – Antichrist: Before the Day of the Lord – “Will we recognize the signing of the covenant when it happens and thereby know that we have entered the seven-year period? I do not think we can be certain that we will.” The Antichrist would be obvious to at least a billion people if the covenant were obvious. I think all will become obvious at the midpoint of the final seven years in June 2016, when the Restrainer who is currently holding Satan back stops restraining. Until then, enough circumstantial evidence will suggest the Antichrist’s identity to those few who search for it, but the world as a whole will be surprised until the Restrainer releases restraint. The recently popular idea of a pre-trib rapture that whisks all Christians away before the tribulation is contrary to all the scripture that warns us even saints will be deceived and beheaded by the Antichrist. As I wrote in Antichrist 2016-2019:

      2 Timothy 4:3-4 warns “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.” Perry Stone says in a video on “The Bloodline of the Antichrist”: “Americans don’t know the Bible. They don’t know what it says. A lot of them are getting preached a lot of pablum and sugar and ice cream.” Drew Simmons, the author of Quenched Like a Wick, says “(The pastors and end-time teachers, the drunkards of Ephraim) have built up this case for a pre-trib rapture, but it’s not scripturally sound.” It does not make sense to me for Christ to arrive at the middle of the 70th week and do nothing to interfere with the Antichrist at the peak of his power.

      But the truth is that suffering and persecution is crucial – it is God’s method of judgment. As Tertullian said many centuries ago, “For what is the issue of persecution, what other result comes of it, but the approving and rejecting of faith, in regard to which the Lord will certainly sift His people?”

      Revelation 3:10 refers to “…the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.”

      2 Thessalonians 1:5 indicates we must be tested “so that you will be considered worthy of the kingdom of God, for which indeed you are suffering.”

      1 Peter 4:12 says “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you.”

      Revelation 6:9-11 describes martyrdom of the saints “When the Lamb broke the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God, and because of the testimony which they had maintained; and they cried out with a loud voice, saying, ‘How long, O Lord, holy and true, will You refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?’ And there was given to each of them a white robe; and they were told that they should rest for a little while longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brethren who were to be killed even as they had been, would be completed also.” Dead tribulation saints are requesting vengeance (God’s wrath) but there is no wrath or rapture of the faithful yet.

      1. How do the Temple,sacrifice,ending of the sacrifice,and image in the temple fit in to the 3 and a half years end time prophecy?Many thanks.

        1. The Book of Daniel tells us that at the time of the end there will be a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, and that the Antichrist will enter it 3.5 years before the end, and reveal his true identity by ending Jewish sacrifices and requesting all to worship and follow his religion. I calculate June 6, 2016 to be the likely date. After which I expect 3.5 years of Great Tribulation until December 2019.

    1. I wish I knew how to add you. The subscribe button at the top may only work if you’re a wordpress member or at least have a Yahoo account. If you have those but still had trouble, all I can suggest is – try again in a day or two. Many times I can’t re-blog a post – from someone I always have been able to share posts from before – and then next time, no problem.

  18. Hello David. I am following your work. You have come to findings similar to what I have found. The key date to determining the timeline of Daniel is the gift giving of Revelation 11 at the death of the two witnesses. Christmas is a pagan holiday celebrating the birthday of the first babylonian king nimrod. The Romans celebrated his birthday as sol invictus (sun worship day) where gifts were exchanged. Nimrod, at his death was deified as a sungod, and the 8th mystery babylon king (apollo/apollyon) is cut from the same cloth. When 25 Dec is used interesting things happen. http://jeremiahthirtythirdchapterthirdverse.wordpress.com

    1. If you are correct regarding the importance of Christmas as a marker for the death of the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11, I have no problem with that possibility. My calculation for Judgment Day, based off Bible astronomy and other biblical clues, is December 28, 2019 – this would allow for the death of the Witnesses early on Christmas Day, and then 3.5 more days until final Judgment. However the timing I have recently assumed to be most likely places the start of the 3.5 years of witnessing at the end of Passover 2016 (April 29) which leads to 1260 plus 3(.5) days more until the date I expect the Second Coming, on the Feast of Tabernacles (October 14, 2019) which is 75 days before Judgment Day. If your timing is correct, then the Two Witnesses might start witnessing on July 6, 2016 – and I don’t claim to know all details – but I think that presents a problem if my timing of June 6 is correct for the tribulation’s mid point and revealing of the Antichrist, as some details of the Two Witnesses time frame matches only the first half of the tribulation, making me think that their witnessing starts before June 6. I will check out your site.

  19. 677AD the beginning of the construction of the Golden Dome of the Rock plus 1332 years = 2009 which is the first election year of Obama. There is a tremendous amount of ritual math around Obama in my blog. From 29 Oct 1929 to 04 Aug 1942 is exactly 666 weeks. That year Stanley Anne Dunham, fake mother of Obama, is born. Aug 04 is the 216th day of the year 6x6x6. It is Obama’s birthday and the day the 2nd temple was completely destroyed in 70 AD.

    The Moon returns to its original place in the sky every 19 years. The Akkadian (babylonian) word for the Moon is su’en or SIN!!. Add a sin cycle of 19 years to 04 Aug 1942. It is 04 Aug 1961 (Obama’s birthday)

    Now go 666,000,000 seconds into the future from 04 Aug 1961. It is 11 Sept 1982 at 8 am. Now add a Moon sin cycle of 19 years. It is 11 SEPT 2001!!!!

    Now go 2520 days (Daniel Mene mene tekel upharsin) in reverse from his birthday 04 Aug 1961. You land on 11 Sept 1954. Now go exactly 666 weeks in reverse of that. It is the bombing of Pearl Harbor on 07 Dec 1941.
    Now go 47 year ahead from 11 Sept 1954. It is 11 SEPT 2001!!!! 47 years is the time it takes Mars to return to its original place in the sky.

  20. Enoch ruled the world for 243 years. 2019 – 1776 = 243 years. I think George Washington was Enoch coming back to die for sin. This final chapter of the mystery babylon is an unwinding by the dark of the process.

  21. It is clear the tribulation of 7 years did not begin in 2012 otherwise a Jewish temple and animal sacrifices would be
    happening at the present time as Antichrist is to break his covenant after 3 and a half years which would be this year
    in June.Christ could still come in the Rapture in 2019 followed by the 7-year tribulation!You have agreed there is to be a Jewish temple and animal sacrifices so why arent they in existence now if your scenario is to be fulfilled?

    1. I don’t agree that a Temple had to be there as of 12/21/2012, but I do agree that if there is no Temple in Jerusalem before 6/6/16 – then my timing must be wrong. I believe the Temple is pre-assembled and could be set up in a few weeks when the order is finally given. If that happens by May, sacrifices can still be stopped in June.

  22. Hi David, I’m currently reading your EXCELLENT book, “Antichrist 2016-2019.” In it, you state that some videos have claimed that Jesus revealed the name of the Antichrist, Luke 10:18. I would like to submit that one of those videos was done by PP Simmons/Carl Gallops. Pastor Carl Gallops also suggests, and I quote, “There has long been a scholarly debate among Christians concerning whether or not a literal temple must be reconstructed in Jerusalem before Christ returns. Both sides make very salient scriptural arguments.” You can see the entire article at http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/07/red-heifers-and-a-3rd-temple-pastor-carl-gallups-weighs-in-3187018.html. The point I’m trying to make is that if there is a possibility of no Jewish temple then your 6/6/16 timeline is right on!
    ON ANOTHER NOTE: I assist the host of Tribulation-Now Radio Ministry in finding guests for the show. A listener suggested we contact you which is the reason I purchased your book. I was unable to find your email address so am using this comment section in an attempt to make contact. If you feel this is something the Lord is leading you to do, please contact me at the email I provided when commenting in this post. God bless you for all you are doing for the Kingdom!

  23. Hello David,
    in the above post Nancy raises a point i’ve been thinking my self. Do we need a physical temple when push comes to shove. Maybe a deceptive lateral move such as a tabernacle type tent going up quick, with the sacrafice of animals being the real salient prophecy point.If so could catch a lot of people out and happen fast.

    1. I agree that a giant stone block temple would not be required and that a “tabernacle type tent” would be sufficient. But I also have multiple sources who tell me the stones of the upcoming temple are already prepared and can be assembled in a short time whenever conditions encourage the political leadership of Israel to allow it. So even now, with just over three months to go, it is not impossible that a large stone temple could be in place this spring. But a tent could suffice, and there is also the possibility that all my evidence is just a giant heap of coincidences. Yet I keep finding more. Just yesterday I heard of Atheist Pride Day for the first time. A day to celebrate the belief that God does not exist, and that you’re proud of your conclusion – that He does not exist. Guess what day Atheist Pride Day is?

  24. Hi David,

    I’ve only just stumbled onto your site. I’m somewhat alarmed to find someone else, from a completely different approach, arriving at very similar conclusions to my own. Personally, I had come to June 3 – July 3 being the pivot on which it all swings – the assassination of Mr. X (as I and others refer to the vessel for Antichrist). See my articles here if you are interested: http://www.treehouse.live. On an article yet to be posted, I point to December 2019 as the time when Christ becomes accessible to a suffering humanity in a way not possible before – what is traditionally called “the Second Coming.” I know from perusing your site that you are familiar to a certain degree with Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy – that is the conceptual language through which my conclusions are developed and expressed, just to give you a head’s up. Also, check out the following, written by a friend of mine: http://www.amazon.com/Masquerade-Barack-Obama-American-Destiny-ebook/dp/B019ALCCKU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456859827&sr=8-1&keywords=dr.+dann.

    We share some biographical similarities, which makes this all the more interesting for me (PSU grad, raised in Chester County…). Let’s meet up sometime! I’m in PA visiting my folks a few times a year.

    I will definitely check out your book – keep thinking, keep questioning, keep praying, brother!

    – the grounds keeper (GK). http://www.treehouse.live

  25. Hallo David,
    I am very excited to read your books. Thank you very much.
    You are expecting the Antichrist to have his Coming Out in 06/16.
    My biggest question is where the Third Temple is at this time – for my understanding it impossible to built the new one in nine weeks? Or are you discussing this question in the Book?
    Another question is whether I may ask for “The Two Witnesses of Revelation: Will Elijah and Moses Return in 2016?” in form of a pdf, because I do not like reading of an e-reader.
    Have a nice evening an God bless you,

    1. Hello Dorothee,
      I am told that stone temple blocks are ready to be assembled at a moment’s notice, but I have to admit it either happens VERY soon or I am completely off base in my timeline. Some people note that the next Jewish Temple could just be a cloth tent like what Moses had in the wilderness… and that did house the Ark of the Covenant – but I’d still love to see a stone temple in place soon. As for my recent “Two Witnesses” e-book, you can get the important details from my blog posts here. Bottom line – it fits my timeline, and makes my timeline fit Daniel’s timeline – if the two witnesses begin their ministry in Jerusalem this April 29 on the last day of Passover.

      1. Thanks a lot for your informations, David.
        Is it possible that you sell “The Two Witnesses of Revelation: Will Elijah and Moses Return in 2016?” like a book with giving me your banc account per eMail??
        I would be very happy and thank you very much.

        1. While many people would be happy to receive bank account information – and while I just posted minutes ago on possibly being foolish – NO – The Two Witnesses of Revelation is just an ebook.

  26. David, thank you for your extensive research on such an important subject. I actually just want to tell you that your timeline matches with a sacred dream I had where God showed me the years of the last days. I don’t want to go into the details of my dream for it’s sacred personally. You don’t even need to post this comment at all. I would prefer you not to. But in case you have some doubt about your research, I feel I need to tell you that you are pretty spot on. (Of course, I don’t have the exact date as you have!)

    Dear David Montaigne,
    I stumbled across this page today as I was trying to find information that might point to the two witnesses witnessing now or today/present day. I woke up today with them on my spirit/heart/mind and I’ve been in prayer for them. When I saw your comments above regarding Passover 2016, I wanted to comment and leave my email to continue getting information, comments from you and others seeking out the 2 witnesses. Wow! We serve an AWESOME GOD and I’m excited about what HE IS doing and revealing to us I hope the witnesses are rising up with the powerful ANNOINTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT YAH WILL pour onto them!!! I’m asking that we keep them in our prayers and covered in the HOLY BLOOD OF YESHUA! Amein! In MESSIAH’S LOVE!

  28. While you guys are arguing debating on who and what will become of the two witnesses. The true bride of Christ somewhere deep in Africa has already gotten their answer and we are ready to go home (be with Christ eternally). this year rapture is striking whether you like it or not, the whole thing has been made fulfills the two beast that the revelation talks about has been fulfill , the son of man visited the bride 2012 November 1.

  29. Nostradamus in his codes mentions seven and a fifty years of peace between the second world war and the third world war. 2030 ( 20+30=50) and a 7 added gives us 2037 as the year when the comet destroying one third of the land and all the green grass burnt up. This would happen in Dec 2036. An asteroid it is said would destroy one third of the water and one third of the ships in May 2040. Hostilities would commence in july and the war begins in 2041. Russia and China would initially fight in the war but they come to an agreement and would attack the US with nuclear missiles on an economically weak and agnostic US in 2041. The Us would lose it’s economic status as the dollar will collapse in 2019 with food riots and hyperinflation. It is said in the Book of Revelation that 200 million soldiers kill one third of the humanity about 9 billion.

    1. 57 years of peace goes from 1945 to 2002, though you could argue the war ended in France in late 1944, bringing us to late 2001.
      Nostradamus said 27 years of war, I believe between Islam and the Christian West, maybe 1991-2018 approximately

  30. Very interesting… God has called me to sell, leave my home and witness in Jerusalem. I will arrive, Lord willing, in Jerusalem on July 6, 2016. I was not trying to follow the lead of David, who wrote that the day the two witnesses could start witnessing is on July 6th, but through God’s direction and the open doors I have gone through, this is the day I will, Lord willing, arrive in Jerusalem to witness. Years ago, God called me to build his temple. I would greatly appreciate your prayers!

  31. David, you missed the June 2016 date by only one month! Look at Erdogan being acclaimed the Mahdi by Muslim scholars today! 7/19/16

      1. This is mostly in response to a comment on another page of my blog in which someone agreed with all my general conclusions except a timeline and calculating dates: “Of course it looks better to not give failed dates… But half my purpose in writing my recent books is that I saw many, many clues coming together for the same timeline. Even if I prove to be completely wrong, I think there was enough to the theory for a specific timeline to be worth going public and giving people the chance to analyze it on their own. If I end up looking foolish, or selling less books, and being wrong, and in 2020 everything is normal – FANTASTIC.”

  32. Hi David,
    I just finished reading “End Times & 2019”; very compelling and extremely well researched/documented.
    It’s probably none of my business and as one who hates armchair quarterbacks, I hope you will indulge me with an observation. You mention Edgar Cayce several times in your book. I have been a follower of his life/work for years. In a reading given October 18, 1935 (587-6) Cayce was asked specifically when Jesus was born and the reply was March 19, 4 (Julian) or 1899 in the Hebrew or Mosaic calendar. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. Edgar Cayce is interesting but often wrong on specific dates – for example he expected a pole shift in 1998. I don’t know if he was legitimate or not; I mention him infrequently as an aside when what he says happens to support my other sources.

  33. This Canadian khazar is a liar. The End Times is in 2032-2033,according the great U.SAtan Flag,Seal,1$ bill, 9/11 Database,US Skyscrapers calendar and masonic layout of Equinoxes-Solstices in D.C.(District of Crimminals),in Fashington…

  34. Thessalonians 4:16 …. The Trump of God…

    4:16…. Pope Benedict’s birthday is 16th April (4/16). In the U.S dating system the date April 16th is expressed as 4/16….

    Furthermore Genesis 17:17 King James Bible: “Shall a child be born unto him who is 100 years old?”… The House of Windsor was established on 17th July 1917 and is currently 100 years old and Kate Middleton is about to have a baby….

  35. Hello David,

    I have a quick question after personal experiences. Is there any information you investigated about may 2019?

    1. I can’t think of anything specific to May 2019, though there are a few things that could happen in early 2019, and a few things in prophecy that are supposed to happen in a month of May with no specific year. What are you expecting based on personal experiences? And let me know whether you prefer your answer to be posted or not.

  36. 2033 is the date of the e d of the Great Year,Anno Magnus, after 25,793 solar years,ending in 5,793A.M. It matches the apex of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, 482.7575 feet,or 5,793 ” prophetic ” inches.It also matches the sacred peak of Mt.Athos,2033 meters above the sea level…( Wise knows the sacred mountains and lakes,caves or wells,etc.)..2033 is the date for Novus Ordo Seclorum on the 1$ bill, and on the US great sesl,US ‘ galactic’ flag,the US Skyscrapers calendar and in the 911 oficial Database! Further confirmed by the D.C. solstices streets layout! 2033 is the Great Jubilee Year, murder of Christ on the Cross( Cygnus-Northern Cross& Bow constellation).Mount Hermon,the mountain of Christ Transfiguration to death,is on 33th latitude and 33th longitude…Every 33rd degree mason cobfirms to you that 33 is the date,2033! The Maya calendar geared wheels starts by 20+13…20 stands for 9+11 and 13 for the 13th house of the Mesoamerican zodiac…Plus,there are thd coded UK bibles with 2033 code.And the coded Qur’ans with 33 Abjad codes…The pope’s cassock has 32 buttons,and his head is 33rd…

    1. The Great Pyramid is probably between 5776 and 5780 inches high if completed to the pointed top of the apex captstone it never had. But otherwise I agree there is a lot of significance to the number 33.

  37. I will add Gog/Magog go against Israel, we (USA) are Israels biggest supporters, Judgment may come in by the actions of our Government interfering with the politics in Israel. God makes Israel a heavy stone anyone who attempts to carry it will be cut into pieces. Does that seem to fit our country politically today (cut in pieces)?

    Also Babylon sits on seven mountains, New York is not sitting on seven mountains.

    1. But mountains could represent almost anything, even continents under MB’s control. And political winds can change on a dime. For example, while there is no evidence Israel developed Coronavirus, if they did get blamed for it, all nations would be against them.

  38. Hello David and greetings to you!!

    Being a Apostolic Pentecostal believer and pastor takes me to a polar opposite in my approach to finding the time line that has been there but hidden from the ages, but is now being revealed at such an amazing time as this. Our church/assembly (Judaic Christianity)was birthed out of the prophetic Book of Joel chapter two. Amazingly, Joel chapter two v. 1 begins to reveal a two thousand year period he labels as: The Day of the Lord. Joes uses this term to let us know when this period will begin . . . Joel 2:2

    “A day of darkness and of gloominess,a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains:” — we know that this was fulfilled on Calvary when recorded by . . . Matthew 27:45-46

    “Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour. 46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?

    Both Peter and Paul likewise use this distinctive term (2 Peter 3:10 – 1 Thess. 5:2) to tell when it will end.

    1. It’s just a possibility, assuming America is Mystery Babylon. What would ancient prophets have called U.S. leaders if they did see visions of them? Were they going to explain democratic elections, or call them kings?

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