June 20, 2024

Publicity – Bad

There are reasons why my books get so much bad publicity.  From trendiness: “one of my books has this year in the title” – to conspiracy: “I’m onto something and there’s a strange effort to misrepresent and discredit me.”  That being said, there have been hundreds of negative articles about me and my books in the weeks near the start of 2019.  I’m really not that important, so I’m not sure why…

Pole shifts and end of the world prophecies sound questionable on their own; no one should need to falsely misrepresent what I’ve written.  But in recent articles around the world I’ve allegedly said “the world would end in 2002,” that “Obama is Lucifer,” “the world will end in 2019” and that “we can soon expect earthquakes, tsunamis and sharknadoes.”

What I really wrote (in 1998) is that Nostradamus prophecies suggest a gradually intensifying 27 year war with Islam that starts no later than early 2002.  I think an argument could be made that started on September 11, 2001.  I really wrote (in 2013) that Bible prophecy suggests America is Mystery Babylon, New York is its great city, and an American president might prove to be the Antichrist.  In 2013 I wrote that Obama might prove to be the one – that many clues on timing suggested some American leader suddenly rising to great political power mid 2016.  I’ve also written (in 2012) that several biblical verses and astronomical descriptions of future skies match the timing for late December 2019 – and that we should pay attention, because our civilization may end with a pole shift in the 21st century.

Many surprisingly supportive comments can be found by those who have actually read my books – even the most speculative ones.  But underneath the image below are some of the links to the top articles bashing me as a “prolific doomsday prophet,” “Christian conspiracy theorist,” crackpot author,“wingnut and serial false predictor,” and sharknado predictor.


I don’t mind linking to the articles bashing me.  The fact that none of them offer accurate coverage suggests the writers are too lazy to bother reading my work – or are determined to make me sound far crazier than I do on my own.  Feel free to read my most recent book on pole shifts – or one by Charles Hapgood or Douglas Vogt or a variety of other authors and you’ll be convinced we are due for another soon.  Or read the articles below instead:

https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/8102608/apocalypse-2019-bible-prophecy-poles-switch/  ‘END TIMES’ Bizarre Biblical prophecy predicts APOCALYPSE in 2019 with ‘Earth’s poles switching during final judgement’ Controversial author David Montaigne claims the rapture will come in December 2019










There are plenty more articles inaccurately bashing my already questionable topics and conclusions around the world, especially in Italian and Portugeuse…