July 13, 2024

UFOs, Aliens and Disclosure

Although this isn’t the main focus of my site, the relevance of topics changes over time. (My initial focus was prophecy – now it’s pole shifts.) UFO’s, Aliens and Disclosure have become much more relevant topics in recent years. After approximately 70 years of denial, the U.S. Navy, the Pentagon, the Air Force – the entire United States government in general – has shifted towards a policy of gradually increasing acknowledgement and disclosure. Why? I’m sure the U.S. government has a good reason for the recent shift towards disclosure… the question is, how will their spin doctors sell the story? What is their agenda in admitting aliens exist?

And whether they are friendly or hostile, aliens must have an agenda too. Though various sci-fi movies have portrayed our demise as prey or slaves or food – I think the odds are higher that humanity will eventually end up in some kind of galactic federation than any other option. I also assume that aliens are observing us at this point in time for a reason. Is it just because our technology finally got their attention? Or are they here to help us avoid some future catastrophe that could end our civilization?

Chan Thomas, the subject of my next book, had a job trying to back-engineer UFOs for McDonnell Douglas and he also wrote a book about pole shifts which you can read in a partially de-classified CIA file on him here. He said that aliens have communicated with us telepathically, that they are friendly and that they will bring ships to save at least some of us during the start of the next pole shift catastrophe.

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