July 13, 2024

5 thoughts on “The Censorship-Industrial Complex

  1. The next couple of decades comprise a crescendo of chaos, and it will be important to quickly slip into totalitarianism to not only suppress the dissemination of knowledge concerning what is really going on, but to generally suppress non-compliance (by the chaff).

    Naturally, the sufficiently perspicacious (wheat) have already had ample opportunity to enlighten themselves, so (forewarned, forearmed) will know how to survive the coming chaos.

    1. Pole shift is due in the next couple of years, not decades. In 2030 it will be already over.

      1. Some kind of cosmological event might happen very soon- on 4/8. There’s lots of talk on conspiracy sites about possible earthquakes or an eclipse that lasts for days. It’s probably the usual fear porn- but you never know. It’s claimed this eclipse will complete an “X” that was started by the eclipse in 2017.

        1. The eclipse will happen on 4/8. It will last for minutes, not days. While earthquakes are always possible and the tiny gravitational fluctuations during the eclipse don’t decrease the odds of earthquakes, the doom porn suggestions of what “could” happen because of the eclipse are nonsense.

      2. JtA, if you appreciate that TPTB have known about the 12k cataclysm ELE for a LONG time (knowledge having been handed down through the generations), and are currently preparing for it (preserving h sapiens & adv. tech), then you can get a feel for the trajectory necessary to ‘bring the wheat into the barn’ – and thus an appreciation of the timescale.

        In no way is this timescale of the order of a couple of years. A LOT has yet to happen.

        For example, they haven’t got anywhere near transitioning our diet from meat & veg to insects yet.

        That said, ‘Pandemic II’ will probably occur within a couple of years, but that’s not the fat lady singing.

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