June 20, 2024


from the article “All Of A Sudden, Leaders All Over The World Are Warning That World War III Is Very Close”

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

Prominent leaders all over the globe are starting to publicly acknowledge that World War III is coming.  In many cases, they are expressing hope that it can still be avoided, but that becomes less likely with each passing day. Multiple parties are escalating the conflict in the Middle East, the war in Ukraine has entered a dangerous new phase, and the election that just happened in Taiwan has made a Chinese invasion much more probable.  So what is going to happen if major powers start tangling with one another all over the planet?”

Obviously if smaller wars grow and larger alliances and superpowers join the fray, we could soon see WWIII play out, possibly as the globalist elite wants it (with Russia decimated) and possibly more like what end times bible prophecy foretold two thousand years ago or what Nostradamus claims he saw in his 16th century visions.

“A source inside the Pentagon has warned Daily Express US that “we are on the brink of World War 3” amid surging conflict in the Middle East sparked largely by Iran. The source inside the Pentagon that issued this rather ominous warning is a man named Nicholas Drummond, and he claims that the current war in the Middle East could literally result in “the end of Iran”… Defence expert Nicholas Drummond echoed concerns that the conflict in the Middle East could potentially escalate but warned that if Tehran directly attacked Israel, the ensuing war would be “the end of Iran”.

So exactly what sort of weapons would be required to bring about “the end of Iran”? You might want to reflect on that for a moment. There is also a lot of talk about World War III in Russia.  In fact, one of Russia’s most prominent news anchors named Vladimir Solovyov recently told his audience that our planet is “moving towards World War III”… “We are moving towards World War III. In my opinion, it’s already underway. By the way Trump thinks so too,” the Russian presenter added, as he tried to cut to a soundbite of the former president condemning U.S. strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen. Yes, he was actually quite correct about Donald Trump. Not too long ago, Trump publicly warned a crowd in Iowa that “we’re very close to World War III.”

Somebody is going to be right in their forecast for WWIII. Maybe not me, though based on both bible prophecy and Nostradamus I suggest WWIII is over by late 2028.

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