February 26, 2024

Many years ago, I realized the prophecies of Nostradamus warned about a 21st century invasion of Europe from the Islamic world. He could not be more clear that the fighting in this future war would take place in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc… and that the invading armies slaughtering millions of Europeans would be from the Middle East, North Africa, Persia, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and Arabia. But….

This scenario didn’t seem very plausible, certainly not when I first understood it in the 1980s and 1990s. Half a century earlier, just prior to WWII, France and Germany had the strongest militaries on Earth. By the 1990s, nations like Britain and France, while no longer the chief defenders of democracies or even Europe, still had formidable military capabilities. By the military rankings in 2023, France is 9th (below Pakistan.) But such lists only analyze military hardware such as planes, ships, and tanks – they don’t consider “fighting spirit” – which has changed a lot in recent generations. European men used to be able to conquer empires, now they might be better represented by Sasha Baron Cohen’s Austrian fashionista character Brüno. The French army, once feared and respected, has in modern times become the butt of jokes.

The reverse may be true in the Islamic world. A century ago despite their relative weakness and poverty there was no obvious trend of desperation and aggression. Today the Islamic world has oil money, nuclear weapons, Islamic fundamentalism, and terrorist organizations. There are also major demographic changes:

The population of all of Europe (including Russia) was 550 million in 1950, and 742 million in 2023. The United Kingdom had 50 million people in 1950, 67.7 million today. France went from 41.8 million to 64.8 million. Germany (East and West) had 71.0 million people in 1950, and 83.2 million today. European populations have grown, but not very much. In 1950, Iran’s population was 14.2 million – but it’s 89.2 million in 2023. Turkey had 21 million people in 1950, 85.8 million in 2023. Saudi Arabia had almost 3.9 million people in 1950, almost 37.5 million today. Syria had 3.5 million people in 1950, 23 million today. Egypt had 22 million people in 1950, over 114 million today. 

In relative terms European populations barely changed while many Middle Eastern nations increased by multiples of 5-10. And in some cases, the only growth in European populations is from Muslim immigration. (image below from muslimnews.co.uk)

In the 20th century, a nation like Britain, France, or Germany could (and did) conquer nations throughout the Islamic world. But the situation is reversing. At some point of future crisis, especially if Islamic nations worked together and allied with a major power like Russia and/or China, European independence seems questionable. Especially when there are recent headlines like:

‘Nothing’ Left In UK’s Military Stockpiles After Arming Ukraine: Times Of London

French military lacks ammunition for high-intensity conflict

According to a new report, France’s ammunition supplies are at their lowest and will not last more than a few weeks in the event of ‘bitter’ conflict.

Germany’s armed forces have ‘two days’ of ammunition

Nostradamus’ prediction of an invasion of Europe in the first half of the 21st century, which once seemed impossible, then merely preposterous, has seen its odds increase beyond “unlikely” and “not in my lifetime” to “it’s a matter of when, not if” and “isn’t it happening through immigration already?” 

Not yet. Nostradamus describes great battles and millions of casualties, with the armies of Turkey and Iran and allies in France and Germany. What if the West has an economic depression? What if a cyber-attack even temporarily cripples the West like in Netflix’s “Leave the World Behind”? If the political divide in America gets much worse, as in the upcoming movie “Civil War”? What if Russia wins in Ukraine, or if Israel loses a war in the Middle East? Nostradamus could be proven right about WWIII soon. 


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