July 13, 2024

Of course I have my own views on how WWIII is likely to unfold and involve the Middle East, Russia, Europe, and America… Not to mention another theater of war in Asia…. But I found this interesting article at Dean Smith’s opentheword.org blog – Egyptian Sheikh states the Israel conflict will ignite the Gog Magog battle between Russia and the US leading to Jesus winning the war for Islam

Sheikh Dr. Ali Gomaa, the former Grand Mufti of Egypt, recently made some bizarre statements about the Second Coming of Christ, Israel365 News reports.

For those like myself who are unaware of what a Grand Mufti is, he is an Islamic scholar who is in charge of regional muftis that handle cases involving sharia law in a particular country.

In a video released on November 11, 2023, Sheikh Gomaa expressed his opinion on what will soon be taking place in the Middle East.

He believes the war between Israel and Islamic terrorists will lead to the destruction of Israel and drag Russia and US into the conflict.

This will ignite the end-time apocalyptic Gog and Magog battle that is not only referenced in the Bible but also in the Muslim Quran.

This in turn will result in Jesus coming back, defeating Russia, and setting up a worldwide Islamic government.

In his video, Gomma explains:

“If Israel is finished and America moves in, what will happen? Russia will immediately move in.  Who are these Russians? They are Gog and Magog, well-known tribes in Armenia. It is all known in the books.” […]

“Therefore, this matter requires direct divine intervention. The Prophet Mohammad told us that such intervention will come to be and that Jesus, son of Mary will descend he will kill Gog and Magog and the Muslims will vanquish the Byzantines [which are the Russians]. But this will warrant divine intervention.”

What Quran says about Jesus and the Islamic end times

Though Muslims do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God, they do believe he is an important prophet of Islam. The Quran discusses many miracles that Jesus performed on earth, and some Muslims even refer to him as the healing prophet.

Though the Quran does not believe Jesus died on the cross, it says that Jesus did not die and was taken to heaven alive. It also states that Jesus will return with the Islamic equivalent of their messiah, known as the Mahdi, to set up Islamic rule in the world.

Note: Because Muslims believe Jesus is still alive, God uses this to impact them through dreams and visions turning them to the true Christ.

Nostradamus had a different take – Europe will be invaded by an Islamic Alliance and America will enter the war late, unable to help Europe or Israel at first. The war will end around 2028 or 2029 after four cities are nuked, and shortly after the war, in the month of October, he predicts a pole shift.

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