July 13, 2024

For decades I’ve been pointing out the likelihood of WWIII starting with Islamic attacks against Israel, then the West. I realize not everyone puts faith in prophecy but biblical prophecy indicates the same thing –

And what did John see the enemies of Christianity wearing on their hands or foreheads in his vision of the future, when he saw them wearing what he interpreted as the number 666?

John couldn’t read Arabic, but one of the phrases he saw the most looked like something he interpreted based on the language he did know:

Even Nostradamus has about sixty prophecies describing WWIII as an invasion of Israel and Europe by a pan-Islamic alliance. When I first looked for a publisher for my book on Nostradamus prophecies in the 1990s this seemed a little far-fetched because America was so dominant and Islamic nations seemed more weak and disorganized compared to Europe. I said Nostradamus predicted that a 27 year period of increasing conflict between Christianity and Islam which would be done no later than early 2029 and would be underway no later than the spring of 2002. Prior to September 2001, no one wanted to take that seriously…. And then publishers that rejected my manuscript in the 90s were suddenly interested.

Back then America was the only superpower and even Western Europe seemed powerful and dominant. But now Europe is so woke it can’t or won’t defend itself, and if the United States – which has not done so well in Afghanistan, and has not defeated Russia in Ukraine, and may have to worry about China and Taiwan… all it would take is an economic depression or a second pandemic and maybe Europe wouldn’t be able to count on American help so fast.

We already see European nations unprepared to deal just with the immigrants they’ve already let in:

The French Government has ordered the Deployment of Upwards of 7,000 Soldiers across the Country following Mass Pro-Palestinian/Hamas Demonstrations that have been taking place since last weekend and a Stabbing Attack yesterday in the North of the Country which resulted in a Teacher being Stabbed to Death by a Hamas Supporter.”

“Nearly two-thirds of all German citizens want the country’s federal government to impose a ban on migration from predominantly Muslim nations… 61 percent of respondents now advocate refusing any more migrants from Islamic countries with many explaining they no longer feel safe in their own country and believe an increasing number of new arrivals despise German society.

“LAMPEDUSA, Italy — The small harbor in Lampedusa is crowded with a fleet of dilapidated wooden and metal smuggler’s boats, some half-submerged. Discarded life jackets, filthy clothes and plastic water bottles float in the sea. It’s the debris of thousands of migrants who recently arrived on the shores of this small Italian island. Lampedusa is the closest piece of European territory to North Africa, so many migrants who make the perilous journey across the Mediterranean land there first…. Some 12,000 people — more than twice the population of this island — arrived here in a single week this month.”

In Britain it seems safer to wave flags for Al-Queda while promoting jihad than to wave British flags:

If any combination of Iran plus proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah plus other nations like Turkey or Egypt or Saudi Arabia following Iran’s lead ever defeat Israel the next goal will be to take over Europe. If Israel’s retribution in Gaza is harsh, agitated immigrants in Europe will protest and if events there turn violent expect calls for revenge. If Iran and other Muslim nations get stronger while Europe gets weaker expect eventual calls for Muslim nations to send “peacekeepers” to Europe to protect their comrades, just like western nations have sent “peacekeepers” around the world while they were most powerful.

Nostradamus clearly describes Muslim armies, millions strong, in Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and other parts of Europe. He describes defeats for Israel. He describes a Russian advance into eastern Europe (though he refers to Russia as “the land of the north wind” and the land which is the miserable daughter of something that lasted for “73 years and 7 months.” [the Soviet Union, with exactly 73 years and 7 months between the Bolshevik takeover of the Duma and the coup against Gorbachev] Nostradamus also mentions “America” by name, and says eventually it will fight with Britain and France and Europe against Islamic invaders.

I hope I’m wrong. I wish everybody could get along and that everybody would work together for peace and prosperity. But recent headlines don’t make me think peace has become more likely. And Nostradamus says WWIII will see a few nuclear weapons used, [he gives specific latitudes, and New York is probably one of the four cities nuked] and that the war will be OVER after a 27 year period of increasing drama that I think began with September 11, 2001.

That means, at least according to Nostradamus, WWIII will be done by late 2028. How much time is left for the relative peace we now enjoy, before everyone will acknowledge WWIII is starting?

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