November 29, 2023

10 thoughts on “Göbekli Tepe and the Prophecy of Pillar 43

  1. Trouble is, to avoid upsetting the horses, it has been determined that it’s best to establish the cock & bull story that Gobekli Tepe was deliberately buried, i.e. that it was not an antediluvian structure, still low enough to be inundated by mega-tsunami.

    1. I’ve never been satisfied with an explanation, any explanation, of why they think it was deliberately buried. Any recording for the distant future, any warning for the future civilization (us) is way less likely to be found if buried.

  2. Hello David, I think that you´re one of the people with more knowledge about prophecy, can you help me to understand this interpretation what i have worked.
    Because apparently frame with the prophecys of Nostradamus.

  3. Help me to understand.
    Rev 17:12 Ten horns receive power as kings one hour with the beast, I think that Germany suffered a mortal wound by losing the war and being divided. Then that wound was healed. The symbolism is fulfilled when the Berlin Wall falls.
    If One day for God is like a 1000 years. One hour is 41.6 years x 360 days prophetics = 15,000 days.
    From the fall of Berlin Wall 09/11/1989 + 15,000 days is 04/12/2030
    This meaning that 10 kings have power with the beast, but the last 7 years are of tribulation. 10/01/2024 to 04/12/2030
    This coincides with your studies of Nostradamus.
    Another coincidence is that the begin of tribulation 10/01/2024 to the third temple sacrifices begun (220 days Daniel 8:14)
    that that should be 17/08/2024 exactly seven years prophetics 2520 days after 23/09/2017. (Rev 12 Signal)

  4. Fall Wall Berlin Signal
    09/11/1989 + 15000days =04/12/2030

    Tribulation 7 years. 10/01/2024- 04/12/2030

    (Rev 12) 23/09/2017 -2520 days To
    Third temple sacrifices 17/08/2024

    USA eclipse X

    It is as if God gave us 7 years of signs before the 7 years of tribulation.

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