June 24, 2024


In response to a recent question on Reddit.com I wrote: Nostradamus had about a thousand prophecies and about sixty of them describe an upcoming third world war which he saw as a battle between Islam and Christianity. If you take his descriptions seriously, Israel will suffer greatly – “miserable and sad her wings will be clipped” before a “second holocaust” and an Islamic military invasion of Europe that reaches into Germany and France. He described a 27 year period of conflict gradually intensifying and culminating in WWIII. It seems like 9/11/2001 was the start, and that WWIII ends around late 2028, with a catastrophic pole shift shortly afterward in October 2029.

The 2029 pole shift interpretation is covered by at least two books, Delores Cannon’s Conversations With Nostradamus, and David Montaigne’s Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe. Montaigne also has a book about pole shift evidence. Peter Lemesurier also has a Nostradamus book with a focus on WWIII called Nostradamus in the 21st Century: Featuring the Coming Invasion of Europe.

As for the original question, “Did Nostradamus write anything about the Israeli conflict of this [last] weekend?” – nothing specific to the exact events of the weekend, but much to do with the larger war with Islamic nations developing into WWIII. The war may take a while to snowball into a world war – Nostradamus talked about an early stage of the war in Ukraine [“by the river Boristhenes” he said] with clues suggesting that war in Ukraine in 2025 would not yet have grown into world war. At some point, however, there is a limited nuclear exchange, with four cities “reduced to ashes” destroyed by what looks like a “second sun” by “fire within the globes” and “death within the circle.”

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