February 26, 2024

There are frames in the footage that appear to show a backpack or distorted back hump on first glance, but only because resolution is low and the fur and the background dead plants and dirt are the same brown colors – watching carefully in slow motion you can see what might look like a backpack in one frame is clearly not attached in another. The arms look long compared to the legs, longer than the normal human ratio. There are frames where you can see a flared look on the lower legs, with the ankle area wider than the knee area… perhaps a better match for bell-bottom pants than how fur would extend from legs….

If a sasquatch were there and a train came by, I suspect it would have thought to sit down sooner to conceal itself from view before people could see it – but this also assumes it understands at least two things…. That there are people inside the train, and the more abstract idea that there is long term risk for being seen even though the people on the train cannot get off and cause harm – that being seen is inherently bad and that visibility provides evidence of existence stimulating other humans to come looking for him later.

If it’s just a hunter in a ghillie suit, why is he out in the open without a backpack and rifle? Why sit down among the brush to hide as the train passes? If it’s a hoaxer in a bigfoot suit, with a companion filming from the train, they took a risk that no one else would film from the train (or anywhere else nearby that same day) and show better footage debunking their video. Unfortunately while it may be real footage of something non-human, it’s blurry enough to not cause a stir or conclusively prove anything. If it’s a hoax it was fairly well done.

And it once again raises the question: if bigfoot exists, what is it? Is it a hominid native to Earth that has successfully hidden all members of its species into the 21st century? This seems incredibly unlikely without government aid in hiding the species from the media. Some people suggest they are visiting interdimensional beings or aliens (noting a link between bigfoot and UFO sightings) and that we don’t find remains because they don’t stay here.

Bigfoot only became popular for Americans in the late 1950s and 1960s, but one early mention came from the British explorer David Thompson after finding large footprints in 1811. Native American tribes have many myths and legends about this, with their own words like “Sasquatch” existing for hundreds of years before “Bigfoot.” Some tribes believe he is a purely physical being, like an ape-man. Other tribes describe him as an interdimensional spirit being that can walk between worlds. These legends are at least several centuries old. There are even prehistoric pictographs of the “Hairy Man” in central California, which show the idea has existed for thousands of years. Real or not, the idea is not just a 20th century creation.

Sightings are highest where forests are dense, food is plentiful, and nearby human population centers provide potential viewers for sightings. More rural areas might have more views if more people lived nearby.

As for the video of the sighting in Colorado – comments under the video at Youtube include:

“I love how he clapped as he squatted down as if he was warning others to hide. That’s the Durango to Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. It’s a very remote area.”

“I went on this train when i was little. I highly, highly doubt ANYBODY would be out there dressed up. This is very intense terrain w nothing around.”

“Mountain sage plants in the Rockies get to 3ft. This subject is at 2 to 3 times taller than the sage plants around it. I’d say it’s 7-8 ft tall. Huge conical head. Very long arms. Very limber like an ape. Will be interesting to see what the expert primatologists & videographers say.”

“If this train is in the rockies by Silverton… it could be extremely difficult to walk to this spot. Ive stayed just outside this town in a campground and i will say, its extremely rough terrain. This area around Durango is some of the roughest terrain in Colorado, surrounded by Colorados highest peaks. You cant just walk to these spots. Were talking 8-12k elevation and talking walking up a mountain. Its not like you can just walk out there like its a park. The town is literally surrounded by extremely high mountains and very very few roads. Travel is extremely difficult around this town. There’s only a few ways in and a few ways out. Getting a vehicle close to this spot would be almost impossible and walking from either Durango or Silverton proper would be damn near impossible carrying a suit… or even without a suit. There are some trails, some utv paths, but its the rockies. You are already at 9k elevation in Silverton. Its one of the highest towns in America, surrounded by the tallest mountains in Colorado. I think this is very interesting indeed.”

“the fact that he started licking himself makes me think its real”

“Ya no, this thing would have heard the train from miles away and would know instinctively humans were involved and would have gone to cover and not wait until the train was already passing then crouch down to hide.”

“It is deer/elk hunting season now… just saying”

From a different video reviewing the same footage:

“This is taken from the Durango Silverton narrow gauge railroad, a 50 mile track between Durango and Colorado. I am from Durango and actually worked on the railroad, as well as a wildland firefighter in and around that region and I CAn tell you we use to see this sh*t quite a bit, more so in the e evening time and night during the winter Christmas train to Cascade village (about halfway to Silverton). The elevation about 9000 feet in Silverton and 6512 in Durango. Also lots of sightings around Ridgeway, Uruvan, Naturita and Telluride …..”

“My friend is a forester who has spent 30+ years cruising timber and inventorying ecosystems around the world and in the western United States. Professionals like him are off-trail and about as deep into the brush as one can get these days. He says he’s never seen anything to remotely indicate Bigfoot is real. In his home state they know where virtually every mating pair of endangered birds like the northern spotted owl and marbled murrelets live. These are nocturnal birds about the size of a person’s fist that live high up in old growth trees….and they know where they are. By comparison the idea that a breeding population of at least 100 individuals of ground-tromping, 8-foot tall, 600 pound behemoths can be roaming the countryside and leaving no trails, no fur, no scat and no bones is absurd.”

“Bruh, I’ve seen 3 of them 2 in one sighting, 1 in the second at 50 & 20 feet respectively, this one looks exactly like the ones I’ve seen. I hope you get to see one someday yourself. I live in the sticks that apparently is one of their favorite paths to travel. Probably drawn here by the spring that rarely freezes in winter and they certainly help themselves to our fruit, pecan and walnut trees.”

“If you watch the original and watch when it zooms in, you can see the legs are super baggy which usually indicates a cheaply made Halloween costume. Patterson Gimlin still to this day is the best looking most authentic I’ve ever seen”

“It’s OBVIOUS that’s someone in a suit. Or Bigfoot has a salon hair care routine, because that hair is shinier than a runway model. No freaking way a sasquatch living out in the elements would have fur that well maintained and glossy.”

“the authenticity of this really falls apart if you zoom in. the movements of the alleged creature are really stiff and robotic, and when it sits down it looks like it skips a few frames between squatting and fully sitting down. tbh it looks like a CG animation that’s believable from a distance”

“‘Bigfoot’ needs to have his pants taken in at the tailor. Please send me whatever you’ve been smoking.”

What do the rest of you think?

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