February 26, 2024

From: New research on the geology of Zealandia is revealing how it formed – and why it sank

“The first real clues that New Zealand might represent just a tiny, visible portion of a vast incognito landmass came in 2002, when scientists used bathymetry – the study of the depth of bodies of water – to analyse the region. The ocean above what we now call Zealandia is considerably shallower than that surrounding it, suggesting that the area was not underlain by an oceanic tectonic plate – like most of the world’s oceans – but a continental one.

The clincher came in 2017, when scientists put several lines of evidence together, including data about the kinds of rocks it contains and its relative thickness – oceanic plates tend to be thinner – to propose that this is indeed a new continent. This is not a mere continental fragment or microcontinent, as had previously been proposed, but the real deal, 95% of which is submerged underwater.

Few authorities will admit it, but pole shift catastrophes involve the rotation of the entire crust of the planet over the core below in one solid piece. Since the Earth is not perfectly round and there is an equatorial bulge, land moving into or out of the tropics could lead to massive changes in elevation relative to sea level. And if Zealandia was once above sea level, it is likely many other lands were too, including the home of the pre-diluvian civilization Plato calls Atlantis. The Egyptian story of this ancient land cannot be discounted so easily when we can prove continents have submerged.

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