May 18, 2024

In the video below the narrator mentions surges in solar activity and a pole shift as some of the big changes coming in the next few decades.  I have argued that part of the restraining/stabilizing influences that keeps Earth’s crust in a stable position is a magnetic lock which will fail (and be overcome by other forces) when Earth’s falling magnetic field gets weak enough.  The video suggests (correctly) that the weakening geomagnetic field will affect our brains.  Studies have shown that a much weaker magnetic field will reduce empathy and lead to more violence… but it will also increase melatonin and stimulate what the ancient Egyptians referred to as the Eye of Horus – the pineal gland –

which if taken to an extreme, could lead to fascinating new abilities.  The portion of the frequencies we can see and hear and feel will expand to include sensory information previously outside the range of normal human perception.  Chan Thomas suggested people will see their natural ESP abilities increase.  The Bible said more people will dream dreams and have prophetic visions.  Ancient cultures like Greece and India suggest a cyclic return to a Golden Age (if everyone has ESP, it gets very hard to commit harm or criminal acts in secret – and potential criminals would feel their potential victims’ emotions, further discouraging crimes.)  What a wonderful new world if such changes are just around the corner… unfortunately many of us will not survive the “solar flash”/micronova and pole shift chaos which brings us to that new heaven and new earth….

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