October 4, 2023

5 thoughts on “Rumors of an Imminent “Black Sky” Event – Global Technological Shutdown in September

  1. David….Stan F…. here. We have talked by phone years ago. I am an extremely hard sell…but I have read, heard, and found on my own way way way too many coincidences which I call God winks, that have my awareness heightened for something major to happen the last half of September.

    I am a posttrib believer, having shown for myself pretrib just does not follow scriptures. Those needing their ears itched hang on to their ” Get Out Of Tribulation (Rapture) card. Many are all in an internet of chatter that the rapture of the church will happen within 7 days of 9/23/2023…most saying 9/23/2023 because of an asteroid named “Child” exiting the womb of Virgo this coming week. Comet Nishimura is sweeping through Virgo as I type with its own confirming that these heavenly signs are way beyond coincidence.

    I feel they are on to something, but they have the wrong child being born. I believe something will happen that will find Satan empowering the one human on earth depicted to be the antichrist.

    I have documented so many other God winks along with my own that resonate in a chorus all showing my hard to sell me, something MAJOR…..is going to happen the latter half of September. If nothing MAJOR happens, then I followed my emotional knee jerk and join the thousands of other Christians that know the Bible is true, when we interpret it correctly.

    I could type for two hours the God winks I have been sitting on that I have not read or heard from anyone except my own private studies in my Bible. I have never heard the voice of God literally, but I assure you I can verify along with many other Christians that He speaks very loudly to those who search out such matters in His word.

    I have never seen such a download of information online, and from the Bible of mine, which I believe are divine.

    Take this to the Lord in prayer.

      1. David….I don’t remember the topic we were discussing….butif my memory serves me well, ,you lived in Pennsylvania and were working at Lowes.

        I have two of your excellent books.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. 9-23 must have an occult meaning like 9-11. (9-11 supposedly symbolizes Lucifer since “10” is god in numerology.) The WEF has been warning of a cyberattack for several years now so perhaps they’re finally going to do it. At the very least, we should be concerned the stock market might crash soon like in 2008.

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