February 24, 2024

Everyone had heard of UFOs flying or crashing in the United States. The rest of the western democracies have reported many cases too. Other nations have been more secretive – especially China.

June 18, 1982: “a “bright star” had suddenly appeared at about 10 p.m. just above the north horizon and then exploded, creating a dazzling white cluster that formed into a vast halo. Gradually, the light faded, and by 10:50 p.m. it had completely disappeared…. A government response explained it away as: “The strange celestial phenomenon was likely caused by a man-made spacecraft…. As the craft flew at an altitude of more than 1,000 kilometers, it revolved and simultaneously emitted solid and gas particles, creating a luminous mist of light with a ‘bright star’ at the center. When the craft stopped emitting particles, the revolving vapor dispersed outward, creating a white halo.” And maybe that’s all it was.

In July 2010, “flights were grounded in Hangzhou when a mysterious object was seen floating above Xiaoshan Airport. Some experts speculated that it was a military aircraft and officials later said it was just an illegal private flight. But those explanations didn’t satisfy many who’d seen the strange photographs. 
A week later, a UFO was seen hovering over Chongqing for more than an hour.

That also has yet to be explained (and this wasn’t the first UFO sighting in Chongqing, or the last). Then that September, another airport was shut down when a flying object was seen hovering in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Again, it vanished after about an hour. There was a subsequent investigation, but the results reportedly couldn’t be disclosed because there was a “military connection.” In 2010, there were altogether eight major UFO sightings reported.”

Perhaps the most famous of China’s UFO cases is one from 1994: “One night in June 1994, Meng Zhaoguo was awoken by an interplanetary visitor. The 26-year-old timber worker alleged that the extraterrestrial was female, about three meters tall, had six fingers on each hand, and had entered his home in rural Heilongjiang province by floating through the wall. Meng recounted later that the alien had made him levitate above his bed while his wife and child continued to sleep, and had sex with him. A month later, he found himself aboard the alien’s spacecraft, which had landed on Phoenix Mountain, near the forest plantation where he worked. There, another alien told him that in 60 years’ time, Meng’s son would be born on their planet.”

Meng passed a lie detector test, and turned in a rock he claimed the aliens said was a gift from the comet Shoemaker-Levy just before most of it impacted Jupiter – and the rock was unusually rick in terbium, an element rare on Earth but present in many asteroids. A geiger counter inexplicably goes haywire near the wall he claims the alien walked through. On the other hand his aliens look like the Michelin Man advertised not far from his home and overall the story is far-fetched.

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