February 24, 2024

If you watch this video a few points are obvious. There are scattered remains and artifacts from human habitation in North and South America going back 18-27Kya, and whatever culture they had does not appear to have survived…. As if something wiped out Paleo-American culture entirely, leaving the Americas ripe for the next wave of colonization. Then Clovis culture came on the scene, with unique fluted stone arrowheads and other tools (though similar to those in Europe at the time.) The strange thing is that Clovis culture artifacts are found en masse between 13,500 B.C. and 12,800 B.C. – then they vanished, as if something entirely wiped them out. I of course see the map with the Clovis points and see

the North Pole must have been near the western edge of Hudson Bay (the ice cap was centered there, and the weight of it may have even made the present Bay) and assume the cataclysmic pole shift that moved Earth’s entire crust to new positions killed off the American population and positioned the crust such that our present North Pole is about 30 degrees from where it had been.

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