October 4, 2023

6 thoughts on ““How Genetic Weapons Affect Future Wars”

  1. I’m rereading your superb “Pole Shift- Evidence will not be denied” for the 2nd time and I realized you have a blog. I’ve now read 7 pole-shift books and yours is easily the best because it presents overwhelming evidence cyclic pole-shifts are real. You also present a great deal of history and interesting commentary. The only weakness perhaps is not much detail on the mechanism (although you appear to favor an external cosmic trigger) and your 2019 prediction was thankfully wrong! I first started looking into pole-shifts in the first place because of this link below (the author has just published a book with the same title). He takes very seriously the idea the PTB are aware of an imminent pole-shift and the “Great Reset” by 2030 isn’t what most in the alt-media think.

    Like you, I’m skeptical of the Nibiru=Planet X narrative and I prefer your idea that “Nibiru” is really a constellation indicator of an imminent pole-shift. I also agree with you and the “phoenix” author the PTB don’t mind if a minority know this as long as the 99% are blissfully unaware.

    1. CK_,

      As you know, the Phoenix is the symbol of mankind’s cycle of rebirth (cf Samsara).

      You are pretty much on the button in your Phoenix Hypothesis. 🙂

      Nibiru is ‘the planet of the crossing’, and is currently about 3,000AU away. This is gravitationally indicated, and named as Planet X. However, it doesn’t come barrelling through our solar system. Indeed, the closest it gets is 1,000AU (in 12,000 years).

      The cyclic cataclysm is caused as a consequence of The Sun’s orbit with Planet X, because The Earth is moved above and below the galactic plane, and experiences a change in polarity of external magnetic field – flipping N & S – twice per orbit, i.e. every 12,000 years.

      If you’re interested in the pyramids then check out The Floating Coffer Theory.

      1. Thanks for the info- will check out the FC theory. Just to clarify, although I share the same initials (“CK”), I’m not the author of the PH. I did recently contact the author, though, via the email on his blog.

  2. Well, the last Bond, No Time to Die, was about it. Funny that the bad guy was named “Lucifer” and resided in the garden…

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