October 4, 2023

4 thoughts on “Oh Reddit, You Treat the Truth Like a Joke

  1. Any sufficiently advanced knowledge is indistinguishable from the delusions of a deranged mind.

    But, anyway, yes, it’s surprising you are surprised, that the broader the available audience, the more that dangerous knowledge will be suppressed.

    Basically, you are free discuss such things in your comment section, but anywhere else will be ‘problematic’.

    …but then you know I will argue against the ‘reduced crustal viscosity’ theory – which is rather Hapgoodian (and unworkable). 🙂

  2. Good day Sir. You said:

    “I assume government pushes social media to encourage beliefs in nonsense, distraction, and lies..”

    It isnt that the government “pushes” social media to encourage beliefs in nonsense.. that implies social media was there and the government and its client organizations utilize it. In reality, those platforms were created not only for that purpose, but for the purpose of social engineering, data mining and of course, narrative control. Facebook was an old DARPA program called Lifelog. It “ended” in jan 2004 after the public outcry over the domestic spying committedby the “Office of Information Awareness ” ( which became IARPA). Facebook “began” at Harvard in February 2004… Reddit is no different. The space was always controlled and fomemted by the security state, especially the big far reaching platforms.

    However, the worldwide campaign against “misinformation, disinformation” et cetera, is ramping up big time. This of course is an overt attempt at complete narrative control. With that being said, it seems the windows of discourse are becoming smaller, so I image your post either gell into that net just by content alone OR it breached a certain reach threshold. Thanks to Snowden we know they put caps on certain topics/keywords and eventually posts/blogs get ghost banned if not outright banned.

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