May 18, 2024

I know governments take great efforts to dismiss the truth about an upcoming cataclysm, specifically topics like micronovas and pole shifts and especially if anyone says they are due within a few decades. I don’t think they care about the message reaching a small number of people through diligent research, but they seem to want to prevent any popular source from easily spreading the knowledge to a significant portion of the population.

I should have known the likely results if I posted what I thought on – but I recently answered a pole shift question with:

When the geomagnetic field gets weak enough, the extra resistance this field has added to viscosity and friction between the crust and the layers beneath will suddenly be gone. Imagine two metal plates with ice between them. When frozen, the metal plates are locked together. Once the ice melts, one metal layer can slide over the other. Without a strong geomagnetic field, magma viscosity falls. Then the mass imbalance of the off center Antarctic ice cap suddenly will overcome the resistance that holds the crust in place, and the whole surface of the Earth will reorient itself. Within 5-6 days the rotational, geophysical North Pole could be near the Russia/China border, or as some believe – in the Bay of Bengal. The Magnetic North Pole will be closely aligned to it. Within 25 years at most a pole shift will probably end our current civilization as it has ended others. Some humans will survive to start over again.

Evidence you can read – evidence you can watch

Now I can be wrong too and I don’t expect everyone to read my comment and automatically assume I’m right. But I was surprised that within hours my comment was removed after being downvoted almost 100 times, and that I allegedly broke some Reddit rules in posting it – I assume, because, I was allegedly joking. Of course you can ramble on about FLAT EARTH or other nonsense as if it’s fact. I assume government pushes social media to encourage beliefs in nonsense, distraction, and lies – but if anyone stumbles on a truth they don’t want in the spotlight they aim to suppress it. Am I reading into it too much? Is this a case of “pearls before swine” or am I the fool who needs to be corrected?

If anyone has other thoughts on why Reddit would be so negative on such an answer, please share them.

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