February 26, 2024

My first reaction is that Cannon sounds nutty to claim she had, as her book title says, “Conversations with Nostradamus.” A patient she was regressing into a potential past life experience was – unexpectedly – a student of the French prophet. I’m skeptical when I hear that. But the book has very high customer review ratings on Amazon, so I gave a listen:

My analysis of Nostradamus prophecies concludes that WWIII should end around late 2028 to early 2029 after a bloody conflict in Europe between two sides that the prophet describes as an Islamic alliance of invaders against most of the Christian nations of Europe. And then Nostradamus suggests that just after that greatest of all wars, a pole shift catastrophe will further decimate our civilization the following October in 2029. I’m not aware of any other author or interpreter of Nostradamus saying that – except for Delores Cannon.

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