April 21, 2024

It seems like UFO events in Russia were very similar to those in the United States. I find these stories an entertaining distraction. But the accelerated chatter about aliens, UFOs/UAPs and “disclosure” makes me wary. I’m not worried about aliens, though I do assume they’re out there and aware of us. If they were hostile we would never have known what hit us.

I’m concerned because deepfake technology has improved tremendously and I suspect Project Bluebeam will succeed in convincing billions of people, with enough government support of whatever narrative is pushed. Think how many billions of people follow a religion, then ask yourself again how many will demand more concrete proof of the aliens the government will swear are talking to us. Few ill doubt the official narrative. I assume the elite will use disclosure to gloss over something devastating in the news, and simultaneously reshape the world and consolidate power. Prepare for a vastly different government, monetary system, and a restricted set of rights and freedoms – and (I suspect) it’s not decades away.

Until then, feel free to enjoy stories of UFO encounters like the ones below from the Soviet Union.

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