October 4, 2023

1 thought on “The Great Disaster Coming

  1. It is a ltd hangout, precisely because ‘micronova’ is debunkable.

    In other words, it’s a way of providing all the clues that the budding eschatologist needs, but with the wrong conclusion (incorrect causation). Only the sufficiently perspicacious will thus realise that this is deliberate – a test.

    It is thus ‘safe’ for mass consumption, because the insufficiently perspicacious will be reassured that the prospect of a solar micronova is complete bunk – ipso facto, cyclic cataclysm is bunk.

    It cannot be revealed that the 12ka periodicity is due to equinoctial precession (nor what that’s due to).

    It cannot be revealed that The Earth’s deflecting magnetic poles and suppressed field, are due to the increasing strength of an opposing external field – that eventually persuades Earth’s poles to exchange places (and their sudden halt that causes cataclysm).

    Similarly, it cannot be revealed that each stratum of sedimentary strata is laid within a day (the duration of cataclysm), and that it is the discontinuities that form over 12ka.

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