June 24, 2024

With a good background in European history, languages, and mythology, you have a chance at understanding some of Nostradamus’ prophecies – assuming he truly saw the future and there is something meaningful to interpret. He had to avoid the paradox that if he were too clear, others would act on his warnings and alter the course of events. So I believe any real prophet must be vague enough that this never happens. Also keep in mind he didn’t want to upset the French royal family, or the Inquisition – so he made many predictions which are unfavorable for them even more vague.

All of this makes it hard to know how to interpret his prophecies, especially if you are not a master of European history, languages, mythology, and culture going back to at least biblical times. Many authors twist Nostradamus’ words to fit their sensational interpretations which often have little to do with reality. Erika Cheatham comes to mind.

Over 60 years ago, Edgar Leoni wrote Nostradamus and His Prophecies – a great reference guide, dispassionately covering every Nostradamus prophecy without concern for particular interpretations and showing everything in French and English. The skeptic James Randi wrote The Mask of Nostradamus, which accurately explains why the ten predictions most often used to claim Nostradamus saw the future should not be taken seriously. He’s right – the most famous top ten have been distorted and mistranslated and the warped interpretations many people have heard are biased nonsense.

But I do believe about 60 of his thousand-odd prophecies point to WWIII between Islam and Christianity, with an alliance of Muslim nations led by Iran and Turkey invading Europe, penetrating deep into Germany and France. He says Europe, especially France, will suffer from its “apathy” and “neglect” and “negligence.”

Imagine the violence in France in the summer of 2023 multiplied over a thousand-fold, with foreign troops coming in to “make things right.”

America, for whatever reason, will be unable to intervene, at least for several years. Russia will also try to stay neutral at first.

The best books interpreting Nostradamus’ focus on this are David Montaigne’s Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe, and Peter Lemesurier’s Nostradamus: The Next Fifty Years Featuring the Coming Invasion of Europe. WWIII apparently ends by late 2028 or early 2029, followed by a catastrophic pole shift in October 2029.

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