April 21, 2024

POLE SHIFT – Key Facts

Off center mass imbalances like the Antarctic ice cap – centered about 300 miles from the South Pole – put torque on the crust and push the ice cap towards the equator. So far, nothing happens because the friction of resistance isn’t close to being overcome by the torque of the ice. However, a strong component of the resistance is due to the geomagnetic field. It makes reinforces the magma beneath the crust with a semi-crystalline lattice of magnetically aligned particles that increase viscosity, somewhat like strengthening concrete with fiberglass fiber reinforcement. When the magnetic field weakens enough and ion alignment within the magma disappears, it will be like in the movie Diehard when the FBI cut power and the magnetic lock protecting the vault from Hans Gruber suddenly ended. At that point, previously strong resistance to crustal motion over the layers beneath will disappear, and the torque from the ice cap not being centered at the pole will suddenly be enough to start a pole shift in motion. We are probably decades away from that point. Doug Vogt says 2046, Ben Davidson says more than a decade away, POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced goes into details on evidence of past and coming events, Charles Hapgood’s Earth’s Shifting Crust is also good but he wavers on how fast it will happen, Chan Thomas says it’s done in less than a week in his book The Adam and Eve Story.

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