February 26, 2024

Everybody’s talking about Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster movie: Oppenheimer – starring Cillian Murphy

Most people know that Oppenheimer ran the Manhattan Project – the organization that developed the atomic bomb for the United States in World War II.  Some also recognize the name Heisenberg.  Not the Walter White character from Breaking Bad, but Nazi Germany’s top theoretical physicist who had the Allies so worried he would make the first atomic bombs for Hitler that they sent assassins to make sure he didn’t.  In 1928 these two were friends working on co-authoring research together; by 1942 they were on opposite sides of an atomic arms race.  One of them made sure Hitler was unable to win the war by dropping atomic bombs on Moscow and New York.  It was much closer than most people realize.

I just put out a new book about this – only an ebook at the moment – but if you’re interested in the men who worked on atomic bomb projects and want to know the truth – there are fascinating stories completely edited out of the official narrative and replaced with politically convenient lies. Several mainstream books and movies are good (I have American Prometheus on my desk right now and highly recommend it) but they aren’t going to tell you what actually happened. 78 years have passed since 1945 – it’s time you learn the real deal.

Oppenheimer and Heisenberg: Friends, Enemies, and Architects of Destiny 


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