February 26, 2024

One article from June 19 suggests war with Russia is scheduled for June 23

“The first tangible sign that the ongoing NATO “exercise” dubbed “Air Defender 2023” will go “live” to direct war with Russia, has come out: British mass-media outlet SKY NEWS is running a piece calling for Western Air Power to directly enter the Ukraine war and bomb Russians.

On Sky News, an Op-Ed piece lays it out.  The piece is titled:

Western intervention is the only credible way to protect Ukraine’s counteroffensive from Russian air power

….Conspicuously absent from the Sky News piece are the exact, precise CONSEQUENCES of such a move:  World War 3, that will go nuclear.

Today is June 19.   NATO’s ongoing air exercise “Air Defender 2023” is scheduled to be completed THIS FRIDAY, June 23.   

I have been warning for weeks that I think NATO and the collective West will either find an excuse — or make one — to convert that air “exercise” into a LIVE war with Russia. 

My logic was simple; governments of NATO did not move three-hundred-thousand troops, and with “Air Defender 23” 225 war planes and air crews consisting of ten-thousand men, over to Europe, just two small countries away from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, as an “exercise.” 

When governments move that many troops, tanks, artillery guns, armored personnel carriers, planes, and air crews, THEY INTEND TO USE THEM.

Do I think WWIII is likely by June 23 – No. Do I think the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a prelude to WWIII? I think Nostradamus said it was. In fact he said that Ukraine would be at war in a prophecy often predicted for 2025. And he definitely said WWIII would see Europe invaded, with some use of nukes and and end to the war by late 2028 – followed by a pole shift in October 2029.

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