February 26, 2024

Six months ago I wrote the post:

Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse Series on Netflix – It’s Popularity Scares the Crap Out of the Mainstream Narrative’s Gatekeepers

Long story short, he says the evidence points to a global civilization about 12,000 years ago which at the peak of it’s rather advanced development was destroyed in a global cataclysm. (He doesn’t say it was a pole shift, but…. yeah.)

I just stumbled onto Matt Walsh’s video about this again (Why Does The Left Consider This Documentary So Dangerous?) and watched it anew. Walsh isn’t necessarily convinced but notes: “A show about ancient archeology is now the biggest hit on Netflix…. If you question the narrative from mainstream archeologists… you begin to think critically and skeptically about a whole host of other topics as well. This is dangerous… to the people in charge of formulating and disseminating the official narrative…. He’s pointing out holes in the official story – he’s encouraging skepticism.”

Since his FACTS and EVIDENCE can’t be dismissed, mainstream authorities attempt to discredit Graham more personally, like this baseless article at Cymru (which uses the word “pseudo” nine times in one article, whining that he suggests there was: “an advanced civilisation – Atlantis – that was wiped out by a flood over 10,000 years ago. He claimed that the survivors taught Indigenous people the secrets of farming and monumental architecture. Like many forms of pseudo archaeology, these claims act to reinforce white supremacist ideas, stripping Indigenous people of their rich heritage and instead giving credit to aliens or white people.” Keep in mind he never mentions race, whites, or aliens. No matter, “Professor Hoopes told Wales Online: “The discussion of race in ‘Ancient Apocalypse‘ is conspicuous by its absence.”

The criticism is baseless and the evidence is indisputable. For Graham’s take on it watch Ancient Apocalypse on Netflix or read my more in-depth earlier post on this. Of course I also recommend learning more on this topic your government wants to keep you ignorant about by reading:

POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

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