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September 22, 2023

2 thoughts on “Charles Hapgood: Godfather of Pole Shift Disinformation

  1. Satanism comes from Set.

    It’s not about ‘Good’ & ‘Evil’ as Ben suggests, but about God (Sol) and His opposite/opponent (Set). Aka Dualism, i.e. Set is The Sun’s dual.

    God is The King of Heaven (above the galactic plane).
    Satan is The Lord of the underworld/Hell (below the galactic plane).

    Ben Davidson is also ltd hangout/disinfo agent, i.e. ‘micronova’ is his key disinfo (debunkable). The expectation is that by revealing Hapgood’s ulterior motives, his gullible audience will assume him to be an honest, independent researcher.

    The world does turn over (not 90°, but 180°, with 20-30° crustal displacement), but it’s not caused by any Solar outburst.

    Sol & Set cross the plane twice a great year. That is the root causation. The crossing consequently moves The Earth between two oppositely polarised magnetic fields either side of the plane (null zone).

    Accelerating deflection and oppression (apparent weakening) of Earth’s magnetosphere is the clue that in a couple of decades The Earth will destabilise and perform a momentum-preserving* polar exchange (albeit stopping abruptly). Total stability then resumes for another dozen millennia.

    * As can be observed in the Dzhanibekov effect.

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