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September 21, 2023

1 thought on “I don’t agree with everything in this video, but some parts are spot on

  1. JMaxwell takes pains to emphasise that it’s not ‘God’ being discussed in Genesis, but ‘the gods’, but then keeps referring to ‘God’, as if even he fails to learn his own lesson.

    Anyway, yes, ‘the gods’ are no doubt the sages of the antediluvian civilisation (who built the Great Pyramid), and who Graham Hancock refers to as ‘the gods’, hence The Magicians of the gods being their last vestiges who passed on as much knowledge as they could (around the world) before their generation dissipated.

    There is nothing supernatural or godlike going on though. It’s just that cyclic cataclysm occurs on a vast timescale (twice a great year), and no-one can countenance the idea of the planet turning upside down (with concomitant tsunami and crustal displacement). Sedimentary strata give you the geological record of mega-tsunami depositions twice a great year (with discontinuities indicating quiescence for the 12,000 year interval).

    JMaxwell pretty much loses touch after the Bible.

    Nibiru is ‘the planet of the crossing’, i.e. Sirius (aka the Dog Star – because it dogs The Sun in sharing a barycentric orbit with it). Planet=non-fixed celestial light. Crossing=of the galactic plane twice a great year (at apoastron and periastron).

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