November 29, 2023

1 thought on “Gobekli Tepe – Are Carvings Warning of Event 10,950 B.C.?

  1. Note that Gobekli Tepe was not deliberately buried as claimed (for which no convincing evidence exists), but was inundated by mud flows as it was still within the upper reaches of the mega-tsunami that washed them up that far and high. Thus, Gobekli Tepe is antediluvian, but it could well be an even more ancient low-tech settlement that was preserved (or reconstructed) by the antediluvian civilisation extant around that time – just as we may preserve stone forts/settlements built in 1000AD.

    I’d date the YDE (a single catastrophic event – with multiple, inaccurate datings) to 9954BC. Gobekli Tepe could thus easily date a thousand years prior to 11000BC.

    The antediluvian civilisation’s warning to us of cyclic cataclysm (that occurs out of the blue) is a far clearer, unambiguous message, i.e. The Great Pyramid*.


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