May 18, 2024

Our Magnetic North Pole has spent many years moving towards Siberia at a rate of over 1000 feet per day, or over 5 miles/month or 60 miles/year. At the beginning of this year that motion suddenly paused and backtracked, but in recent weeks has resumed moving at an accelerated pace. Kudos to Gene at the Maverickstar Observatory, we wouldn’t have any public access to such data without his work, and videos like this:

Unfortunately Gene is very long-winded so I started the video at the key point about the accelerated movement.

We know from ancient history, geology, archeology, mythology, and other sciences that magnetic pole shifts happen at periodic intervals of between 12-13,000 years, triggering cataclysms that re-orient the surface of the world and cause mass extinctions through geophysical pole shifts – when the rotational poles re-align to the new positions of the magnetic poles. If our rotational North Pole ends up in east Asia soon, the entire planet’s crust shifts position, with changes in latitude and altitude wiping out most of our civilization with earthquakes, tsunamis and probably a major solar events as well…. Keep an eye on Gene’s work tracking magnetic pole movements – they will provide some warning to the upcoming pole shift catastrophe.

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