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September 21, 2023

4 thoughts on “Even Saturday Night Live is Aware of Pole Shift Evidence

  1. Groundhog Day is of course based on Samsara, which is in turn an allegory for cyclic cataclysm, where mankind keeps getting reset back to the stone age every dozen millennia.

    And per Samsara, mankind’s mission is to figure out how to escape the cycle and thereby reach nirvana, i.e. preservation of technological advancement across the cataclysm such that mankind is never reset again.

    There are plenty of clues that TPTB are confident this will be achieved, this time.

    1. I am in Europe (EU inside) and it does play for me.
      But what a freaky program is that: a costumed guy comes into a studio and says random things. Is this regular one?

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