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September 21, 2023

1 thought on “Future Unity Obviously Likes POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

  1. Someone should tell those chaps that The Earth’s magnetic field isn’t weakening at all. It’s simply being oppressed. And the cycle is precisely 12,000 years, because of the cyclic motion of The Sun.

    Herds of elephant in a semi-tropical/temperate region with abundant vegetation, post pole shift, become herds of woolly mammoths surviving on pine needles and snow. Well, no, they don’t. 99% of them were annihilated, and a few survived in India, Sri Lanka, etc. Woolly mammoths were invented as a preferable fairy-tale to the evidence that Siberia was once 30% close to the equator. So, the video’s animation of woolly mammoths strolling around an arctic environment is an astounding demonstration of audience gullibility.

    On the subject of the great year, the doomsday clock has just been advanced from 100 (in 2020) to 90 seconds to midnight. That means there’s no change from 2047, i.e. on the basis 1 second = 101 days (24hrs=24ka).

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