February 24, 2024

Ever since I first understood Nostradamus’ warning that by 2028, WWIII would be ending in Europe… with a pan-Islamic invasion of Europe starting years earlier… I often wondered how these once powerful nations could leave themselves so weak that nations like Iran and Turkey could lead a successful Islamic invasion of Europe in the mid 2020s as Nostradamus repeatedly predicted.

I assumed there would also be Russian military activity in Eastern Europe. I assumed the United States would be distracted with China, as this article says we will be, to fulfill Nostradamus’ prediction that the USA will be too busy to come to Europe’s aid. I assumed there would be bad economic times, and large Muslim populations within many European countries. But what I hadn’t factored in was that many European countries, unwilling to see the risk from the Middle East and North Africa, would give too many weapons away – and leave themselves extra vulnerable.

Here are just a few of countless similar headlines – all just from January 2023:

Ukraine will receive Leopard tanks from Spain

Poland to send 60 modernised tanks to Ukraine in addition to Leopards

Germany confirms it will provide Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks

Czech Republic will transfer to Ukraine tanks and armoured recovery vehicles

U.K. Sending 14 Challenger 2 Tanks, Ammo to Ukraine, Foreign Minister Says

France, Italy close to deal on supplying air defence system to Ukraine

Sweden to send more weapons to Ukraine, including Archer system

Netherlands says it will send Patriot [missile] assistance to Ukraine

Germany to Send Ukraine 40 Armored Vehicles by Spring

Spain and Portugal will join the transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Greece to Send 40-80 Leopard Tanks to Aid Ukraine Effort

France may be the next country to send its tanks to Ukraine

Belgium will send new “substantial aid” to Ukraine that will not include tanks as the country’s own defence stock are limited

It makes me wonder how soon Nostradamus’ prophecies of WWIII could come true….

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