April 21, 2024

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s so strange to see scientists acknowledge pole shifts of 20, 30, 55, 70, even 80 degrees on other planets and moons, and then fall silent about pole shift catastrophes on Earth.

On Mars, they admit that the solar system’s largest volcano, Tharsis, grew so large that it’s mass caused an imbalance, putting so much torque on the crust that it overcame resistance sliding over the layer below and relocated the extra mass to the rotational equator.

On Jupiter’s moon Europa, they believe that imbalances in the icy crust led to a large pole shift. “The fractures associated with a true polar wander on Europa cross cut all terrains. This means that the true polar wander event is very young and that the ice shell and that all features formed on it have moved more than 70 degrees of latitude from where they first formed.”

Earth also has mass imbalances putting torque on the crust, with the largest caused by the Antarctic ice cap.

If Earth’s ice mass was centered over the rotational pole it wouldn’t be a problem, but the ice’s center of mass is about 300 miles east, towards Indonesia. This pushes the crust to move the ice cap’s mass towards Indonesia’s current position – of course if and when such a catastrophic movement of the Earth’s crust happens, Antarctica won’t crash into Australia or Indonesia. The whole surface crust moves in one solid shell. Antarctica will become equatorial again, and Indonesia will move in the same direction, ending up near the North Pole. Which, by the way, is about where some researchers like Chan Thomas and Ben Davidson claim the next North Pole will be – in the Bay of Bengal.

As the evidence suggests the next civilization-ending pole shift is likely to occur before I die of old age… I’ve been very interested in the pole shift topic, and even though my pole shift book came out years ago, I keep discovering more and more evidence and intend to publish additional books.

Until then, consider this review by a scientist I just spoke to again yesterday:

“POLE SHIFT: EVIDENCE WILL NOT BE SILENCED” by David Montaigne is a book that I personally recommend to ANYONE who has ANY desire to know what’s going on with our planet. The book covers many Paleo- genre areas from ancient human history to cosmological and geological history as well as ancient religious history as well. It is chocked full of peer-reviewed references as well as other credible sources to support his thesis regarding a future pole shift.

If you take your time in reading this book, as I did, you will find that it will take you a few months to READ. To READ the book means that you read it with a pencil or computer in front of you and on every page you check out the sources for informational purposes and then chase every rabbit trail and every rabbit hole until you’ve exhausted them. You will find that you will have gained at least 100 times more material than the author was able to put into the book. Otherwise, it would have been thousands of pages long.

Long story short, my words are inadequate in describing why I think every home should have this book on their desk or family table, but that is my suggestion…I think it is that important…and that’s coming from someone who has been in experimental scientific research for 32 years this December and who has worked with people who are in the NASA Hall of Fame, who worked with Einstein and von Braun. I take science seriously and so does the author. He doesn’t cow-tow to the “establishment” since his goal was to get a plethora of information from many different sources into the hands of the public. I think he did that in the first 50 pages even, but the rest of the book was icing on the proverbial cake. The author wanted to present enough real information to make you think and draw your own conclusions regarding future pole shifts. He succeeded on many levels in my opinion.”

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