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September 21, 2023

3 thoughts on “Everybody Figures Out Pole Shifts Eventually

  1. Conspicuous by its absence: the extra-magnetically induced polar exchange theory…

    Elephant in the room is the 12,000 year periodicity, and no mention of how & why this relates to equinoctial precession.

    No-one could possibly suspect Ben Davidson of being a Ltd Hangout, eh?

    At least he recognises the YDIH cannot be cyclic.

    So, BD still sheds hardly any light, but adds himself to the list of notable theorists.

  2. The field of catastrophism was tanked already some time after the French Revolution, not after Hapgood. Cuvier recognized that mixed remains of different organism meant some kind of geological layers (crust) upheaval. And yet the the theory of evolutionary change was started to cover that up.

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