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September 22, 2023

3 thoughts on “Micronova Timeline

  1. BD supports the idea of ‘ice age’ (global cooling), instead of recognising that this is an erroneous inference drawn from ice cores (upon an incorrect assumption that pole shift does not occur).

    BD fails to acknowledge pole shift, let alone explain how a ‘micronova’ can cause pole shift.

    BD fails to explain why The Sun performs a ‘micronova’ every 12,000 years – especially how this ties in with half a Great Year.

    BD fails to explain how ‘micronova’ causes cataclysm/colossal flooding/oceanic slop/mega-tsunami – with transcontinental erosion/scars evident even today.

    BD seems to be trying to piggy-back onto the burgeoning YDIH by suggesting the ‘micronova’ sends out a wave of impactors.

    So, essentially, all the charlatan gets right is that there is an event every 12,000 years, and the Doomsday clock estimates it will occur by 2047 (100 secs x 101 = days).

  2. Knowledgeable readers will find a hint of timing in this ozone report… which says it will be over and healed by 2066. Obviously ozone hole has something to do with weakening geomagnetic field, as it wanders around poles, and probably some Earth-external source of radiation, obviously not nova though.
    I must confess, at the very beginning of covid lockdowns I thought that they had something to do with an ozone hole, which “suddenly” appeared over Europe then.


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