March 25, 2023

4 thoughts on “If Catastrophe Ends Civilization Every 12,000 Years, How Do We Still Have So Many Species Survive?

  1. There is evidence of scorching, but this is not evidence of micronova.

    ‘Micronova’ is simply a theory (for which there is no evidence). It’s only merit is that it might explain scorching, and a few other aspects of terrestrial catastrophe.

    Unfortunately, micronova fails to explain keys aspects, e.g. pole shift and cataclysmic inundation. It also fails to explain accelerating changes in The Earth’s magnetic field (apparent polar deflection, weakening, etc.).

    Moreover, there is no explanation as to how micronova can tie in with the precessionary cycle 2x12ka.

    It’s simply a diversion, just as is the YDIH. At least the YDIH attempts to explain inundation (albeit doing a very poor job at explaining pole shift). The biggest problem with the YDIH is that it cannot be cyclic.

      1. I’m finding more and more people assuming that any mention of ‘Younger Dryas’ is a reference to the impact hypothesis, instead of the event (howsoever caused).

        The YDIH is going to increase in popularity (however wrong it is).

        If ‘the establishment’ can covertly promote YDIH and bond it to catastrophism, then ultimately, because YDIH can be debunked, then catastrophism can debunked (in feeble minds). Thus, uniformitarian retains its crown.

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