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September 22, 2023

2 thoughts on “Why Are So Many Volcanoes Suddenly Exploding Across The World?

  1. “This will heat the core and weaken the magnetic lock between the crust and mantle, allowing the torque of mass imbalances close to the poles (like ice caps) to correct their positions closer to the equator. In effect, allowing a catastrophic pole shift in which all the continents slip over the core below to a new position.”

    This Hapgoodian theory, results in crustal displacement such that poles end up at the equator and vice versa. However, the evidence is that alternative equators and poles remain within 30 degrees of each other. There is no 90 degree shift. Moreover, however weak the ‘lock’ could possibly be, the crustal slippage would occur with a velocity measured in degrees per century, and even if it accelerated to a degree per day, this is not something that can cause oceanic slop.

    Rather than dynamic instability, it is magnetic opposition that causes reorientation of the entire planet – with zero friction impeding it. The noticeable phase of this accelerates* and completes within the space of a day, with poles exchanging positions. It is the relatively sudden cessation of this reorientation, as the Earth’s magnetic polarisation snaps in line with the external one, that then causes oceanic slop and crustal displacement.

    * to degrees per second (visible sky-fall, rolling up like a scroll, etc.).

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