March 1, 2024

Michael Snyder recently posted an article at The End of the American Dream and at

Why Are So Many Major Volcanoes Suddenly Exploding All Over The World?

“Two of Hawaii’s largest volcanoes are erupting simultaneously.

Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano, erupted for the first time in decades on Sunday night. Nearby, Kilauea is also erupting — both on the archipelago’s Big Island.

Dual eruptions haven’t been seen since 1984.”

I would not be standing so close as that river of lava surges and splashes… But the title question remains unanswered.

Well, it’s certainly not from one of the most nonsensical narratives being pushed on us – the alleged “global warming” that they’ve been ranting about for decades. “Right now, the amount of snow cover in the northern hemisphere is the highest that it has been “since measurements began in 1967”…” The temperature where I am in southern Pennsylvania is predicted to go down to 10 degrees F this weekend. I wish there was some global warming right now.

The evidence suggests that as galactic dust enters our solar system, pushed by a wave of energy from the galactic center – the sun will become energized by the dust just like someone sprinkling sawdust over a campfire.

Earth’s magnetic field is also weakening during this local change in polarity, and as Earth’s field weakens – a process which has been accelerating – more charged particles of energy from the sun enter the magnetosphere and charge the planet. This will heat the core and weaken the magnetic lock between the crust and mantle, allowing the torque of mass imbalances close to the poles (like ice caps) to correct their positions closer to the equator. In effect, allowing a catastrophic pole shift in which all the continents slip over the core below to a new position. Our current civilization, as with those before us, will be lost in the sands of myth and time.

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