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September 21, 2023

1 thought on “Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse Series on Netflix – It’s Popularity Scares the Crap Out of the Mainstream Narrative’s Gatekeepers

  1. It is all part of the apocalypse.

    The sapient will not be diverted by the reprobation, and will be further enlightened.

    The masses will be reassured that it is indeed, nothing to worry about – just the rantings of a crazy man.

    The apocalypse is not for the masses.

    The consensus will remain that we are the first technologically advanced civilisation, that megalithic structures are an epiphenomenon of an abundance of slaves and bronze chisels, and that the greatest threat to mankind is anthropogenic climate change, exacerbated by methane emissions from too many cattle.

    Only the sapient will appreciate the benefits of an insect based diet…

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