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September 21, 2023

18 thoughts on “What is a Sign POLE SHIFT is Imminent?

  1. Ben Davidson is a ltd hangout. He will not give the game away, but he’ll publish enough to spur the perspicacious to get to the bottom of things.

    Funnily enough, when you see the sky falling you’ve got about an hour to hot foot it to the nearest secluded spot in the mountains (it’s when the sky suddenly stops falling that all hell breaks loose). As the Bible says, just f’in go for it, do not pop back indoors to get your passport.

    Of course, TPTB will, well before the sky begins falling, have rounded up most of the perspicacious refusniks and interned them in ‘quarantine’ camps during a high mortality pandemic, from whence they’ll have been renditioned to the underworld and acclimatised to an insect based diet.

    In other words, to know when pole flip is nigh, either you’re TPTB, or you’re savvy enough to recognise what TPTB will do.

    PS Here’s a sneak preview of my solution to mankind’s greatest mystery: https://ibb.co/SKQwVV4

      1. I’m working on it at the mo (the 2nd draft of my thesis – that explains everything).

        Here’s a bit more info anyway…

        Synopsis (TL;DR)

        The ultimate objective of the engineers of The Great Pyramid was to warn a future, technologically advanced civilisation that cataclysm happens, cyclically – such that there will be sufficient time for this future civilisation to prepare for it, that mankind’s technological advancement can be preserved.

        The Great Pyramid was built to withstand a mega-tsunami, i.e. a wave of seawater 500m to 1,000m high.

        Its interior was designed to demonstrate that, post-tsunami, it would experience a sustained sea level of around 120-180m above normal (The Great Flood).

        The granite coffer in its upper chamber could only have got there by floating into it, which requiring a sea level 1 metre above the floor (111 metres above normal), demonstrates the occurrence of the great flood.

        Abbreviations of Conventional Terms
        (AC) Antechamber (PC to KC)
        (AP) Ascending passage (DP to GG)
        (Ck) Coffer of KC
        (Cq) Coffer of QC (missing)
        (DP) Descending passage (ME to SC)
        (GG) Grand Gallery
        (GP) Great Pyramid
        (Gr) Grotto
        (HP) Horizontal passage (WS/AP to QC)
        (KC) King’s Chamber
        (ME) Main Entrance
        (PB) Plug blocks of AP
        (PC) Portcullis (GG to AC)
        (QC) Queen’s Chamber
        (RC) Relieving chambers
        (SC) Subterranean chamber
        (Sq) Shafts from QC
        (Sk) Shafts from KC
        (WS) Well shaft

        Diagram of The Great Pyramid (GP)
        Great Pyramid (GP): Cataclysm resilient building, to house and preserve interior witnesses.

        Upper witness chamber (KC): This received the floating coffer (Ck from AC), to thereby witness cataclysmic sea level (at least 111m above normal). Its megalithic ceiling (RC) helped absorb initial pressure shock.

        Upper Air Vents (Sk): Vented pressurised internal air as a consequence of seawater ingress via inlet, permitting floatation water level in upper witness chamber. Ultimately, also permit gradual drainage of pyramid.

        Lower Air Vents (Sq): Vented air from lower witness chamber, permitting entry of pushed coffer. Also permitted drainage of permeated seawater.

        The Floating Coffer (Ck): This hermetically sealed porphyry box was originally situated immediately outside the upper witness chamber, behind a 2cm step (in AC). The only way it could have arrived in the chamber was by floating, whilst gently being pushed by significant inflow, i.e. witnessing a cataclysmic sea level (at least 111m above normal).

        Triple Portcullis (PC): Three granite blocks (since stolen) dropped upon the seawater level getting close to the top of the 3.77m high passage leading into the upper witness chamber (by which point the coffer had already floated in). The portcullis blocks drastically limited the drainage flow from the chamber, preventing the unlikely situation where the floating coffer could have been drawn back into the passage.

        Buffer Cistern (GG): This cistern accumulated incoming seawater, acting as a buffer, such that when the level reached the coffer just outside the Upper witness chamber, the inflow rate, albeit no longer violent, remained sufficient to push the consequently floating coffer across a 2cm step and into the chamber. The level was probably rising a few millimetres per second at that point.

        Lower witness chamber (QC): This received a granite coffer (Cq) from the horizontal passage (HP) leading from the base of the buffer cistern (GG) at the top of the cistern filling pipe (WS) and the top of the inflow shock absorber (AP). The coffer was pushed in by the pressure of seawater at least a metre higher (overcoming friction with the granite floor). This provided a secondary witness.

        Cistern filling pipe (WS): This is the primary means by which the Buffer Cistern (GG) is filled by seawater flowing into the Inlet (ME). It also provides equalising pressure against the Inflow Shock Absorber (AP).

        Inflow Shock Absorber (AP): To help absorb the shock of the inrush pressure (>7bar), following the new >150m sea level trailing the tsunami, these three 5 ton granite piston blocks (PB) are pushed up the passage to the Buffer Cistern (counteracted by the cistern air volume, and the pressure/inflow arriving from the filling pipe (WS)). They eventually slide back down once the inrush pressure shock has subsided – no longer receiving any net upward force, buoyancy and seawater lubrication assists their descent. The function of the Inflow Shock Absorber can be compared to that of a water hammer arrestor as used in domestic water circuits.

        Inlet (ME) to Ingress Channel (DP): This is the primary inlet for seawater into the pyramid, passing the inflow shock absorber (AP), and flowing up the filling pipe (WS). Any debris will slide down into the Sump (SC).

          1. Now that I’m trying to look into it, all I see on the GH forum are subject headings, but no content. Guess I would have to register/subscribe/log in. From your synopsis from 18 days ago that I just saw posted in comments now – it sounds like a real possibility. Feel free to send me a link to another source that doesn’t require signing up.

      2. Zod, one problem with your theory I can see is that in order to believe in this lid floating (which is to provide a proof of catastrophe) one would have to exclude all other possibilities, like, for example, magic. That would be hard to do for less advanced civilization, which is a presumed recipient of message. The message cannot be too convoluted or sophisticated for this reason. As we see them, pyramids are simple buildlings in terms of shape, with dimensions easy to measure.

      3. JtA, that’s a rather Monty Pythonesque counter-argument, i.e. that until I can prove the coffer didn’t enter the chamber by magic, I will be unable to persuade anyone that it floated in.

      4. Per the preface, it is copyright exempt.
        You can quote it, republish it, post it, etc.
        Anyway, glad it seems to meet your approval. 🙂

    1. How early before pole shift can we expect a high mortality pandemic? As it would be more a mob control measure than a perception control one (which most measures are now, at least outside China, can’t find sense in their repeated lockdowns), I presume it would be associated with some main precursors…?

      Who will do rounding the survivors? Other survivors or still a regular police…?

    2. In the video below, Ben is giving up locations of new poles…. it is official already?
      Nevertheless, he placed Eifel volcanic zone in the safe area of Europe… there is also suspected volcanic activity in the Western Switzerland, with so called mud volcanoes observed from time to time in the western part of this country. Basically the entire Rheingraben is to be taken out of safe areas. Europe is completely fucked up, since there is simply not enough place in 5 Ur-kantons of Switzerland.
      Ben also completely skipped the review of Asia, whereas some areas of Turkey should be relatively safe.

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