April 21, 2024

Ben Davidson put out a video yesterday emphasizing that we see lots of interesting natural events which, though signs of earth changes, are not a sign we have reached the cusp of a pole shift. We don’t need to be chicken little suggesting the sky is falling every time we notice an acorn dropping. Ben also reviews some clear signs that it’s time to head for the hills – away from coastlines to your bugout location at higher elevation. For example:

GPS stops working right and puts everyone’s location far off from where they actually are. We know the Magnetic North Pole is moving over 60 miles/year. If that suddenly accelerates hundredfold or thousandfold, technology won’t keep up and shift our data in real time with the magnetic field – but the crust of the Earth will catch up and rock the world.

All air travel is grounded – governments aren’t doing that over nothing.

A supervolcano erupts and starts blanketing thousands of square miles with ash… Yellowstone or certain others in Italy, New Zealand, Mexico.

If the sun becomes suddenly and blindingly brighter and/or your skin burns with just minutes of exposure… you may have waited too long to get to that hopefully “safe spot” to ride out the pole shift catastrophe.

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