May 28, 2023

5 thoughts on “Is New York About to get Nuked?

  1. I suspect nuclear attack won’t arrive until after the high-mortality variant of Covid (when the ability for the plebs to corroborate nuclear attack is non-existent).

    NB There are no nuclear weapons. There are no viruses.

    1. I thought nukes story is to be a cover for a meeting with asteroids…? Incidentally, recently there was a test of “planetary defence”, which, very UNsurprisingly, was immediately successful (despite original design that it would be clear only 2 months after).

      Nevertheless, putting big bang bang aside, viruses do exist, even if Covid doesn’t. Zod, you are getting more radical without reasons 🙂

      1. JtA, What do these all have in common?

        * Atomic chain reaction/power stations/weapons.
        * Viruses/viral pandemics.
        * Megaton asteroids on a collision course with Earth.
        * Alien spacecraft.
        * Terrorists.
        * Climate change.

        They are all very scary, yet the masses cannot see them, so must trust their news media, and give their politicians carte blanche to do whatever is necessary.

        Have you taken a Covid vaccine?

  2. Good thing nuclear bombs don’t exist.

    It’s been nothing but a big ruse amongst the world’s superpowers to keep us all in a state of fear and to bill their citizens out or untold trillions allocated for a weapons program that doesn’t truly exist.

    Hiroshima was merely carpet bombed using incendiary bombs.

    Look up Japan’s census stats for Hiroshima. Two years after the alleged bomb was dropped there were 100k people living there. Withing 5 years that number had grown to over 500k. By 8 years there were 1 million people living in Hiroshima. Not possible.if a nuclear bomb had been dropped there 8 years earlier.

    1. Unlike a Chernobyl type event, the long term radiation problems from small atomic bombs like that used on Hiroshima were not as bad as most people would expect. Yes almost 100,000 people died there in August 1945, and almost as many over the next 10-20 years from much higher leukemia rates (which peaked 5 years later) and other cancer (which peaked 10-12 years later) but even these rates were “only” about 5 times normal. The Hiroshima bomb was also an airburst so most of the less than 100kg of fissile material spread out over a vast region, which is why background radiation levels are already back to normal today. Chernobyl slowly released about 5500kg of fissile material at ground level. So it is totally possible to live in a “nuked” city after a 40 KT airburst atomic bomb, if you accept higher cancer rates for the first decade or two.

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