February 24, 2024

In all the prophecy books I have written, whether the emphasis is on the end times, or the antichrist, or Nostradamus, New York always gets nuked.  I’m raising this topic again now because of some chatter and “uncle” intel I’m hearing, which has some people in high places sending out potassium iodide pills to friends and family as they suggest that later this year the Big Apple could be missing a huge chunk.

Some recent articles add credence to the idea:

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Some think there will be no use of nukes this year. I hope not. Some think there will be at least one tactical nuke used in Ukraine. Many years ago one article suggested: “But Putin could also decide that it would be better to hit major American cities instead, including – in no particular order:

– Washington, D.C.

– New York City

– Chicago

– Los Angeles

– Dallas/Fort Worth

– Miami

– Seattle

– Houston

– Denver

– Philadelphia

– San Francisco….”

For what it’s worth, I think even WWIII will only see a small number of cities nuked. Of course this is based largely on Nostradamus’ descriptions of the war… He clearly described certain things like “death within the circle” and “the city reduced to dust by the fleet” and “the cloud will cause two suns to appear” but only for cities at four specific latitudes. New York and Rome top the short list of potential targets he had in mind.

New York is the only American city described as getting nuked in prophecy.

New York matches the biblical description of Mystery Babylon, and its prophetic destruction is explained from many different angles in the Bible, and in my previous book: Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate – New York is also described being destroyed by nuclear fire in Nostradamus’ prophecies as explained in Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe.  Then again, my interpretations of Nostradamus aren’t always spot on. 20 years ago I wrote that he described a pope from the Americas in power at this time that would probably be Brazilian. (Francis is from Argentina.) I wrote that Nostradamus suggested war by the Dnieper River (in Ukraine) in 2025 would be an early sign of a larger European war eventually becoming WWIII. (The war in Ukraine is already underway in 2022.) I wrote that Nostradamus said America will not be able to help Western Europe in the early years of WWIII. What could possibly make America too weak to send troops? I wrote that Nostradamus said WWIII would end up with a mostly Christian alliance defeating a mostly Islamic alliance by late 2028 followed by a pole shift in 2029. Time will tell how close I am.

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