December 3, 2023

1 thought on “How High Could A Pole Shift Tsunami Be?

  1. There is no plausible theory that explains a rapid pole shift (crustal displacement), except a 180° axial flip of the Earth – where ‘rapid’ means within 24 hours (‘day’ loses its meaning here).

    It is a 180° flip that we are looking forward to, and it is that which spills the oceans over the landmasses, i.e. with kilometre high mega-tsunami. This oceanic slop adds yet another thick sedimentary stratum, over a 12,000 year old weathered, and vegetation covered surface of older strata.

    So, aside from tectonic upheaval, seismicity, and volcanism, crustal displacement (of say 20-30°), would slightly reduce oceanic slop*. Ultimately, of course, it causes climate change – for those regions that shift closer to, or further away from the poles.

    * if you nudge a table with a bowl of soup upon it, if the bowl slides, there is less slop than if the bowl remained fast.

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