November 29, 2023

1 thought on “The Elite are Preparing For The End of Civilization as We Know It

  1. I expect you can divide the ultra-wealthy into the following groups:

    A) The Illuminati and those privy, who know precisely what’s coming.
    B) Those who have an inkling, but expect to be looked after by ‘A’.
    C) The ignorant and misguided, who expect no EOTWAWKI.
    D) Those who expect TEOTWAWKI, but know not what form it will take.
    E) Those few who have a very good idea of the nature of TEOTWAWKI.

    I’d only rate the chances of A & E.

    For those who aren’t ultra-wealthy, it’s going to be a case of being in the right place at the right time:

    A) Sufficiently sapient, in a sufficiently sapient population, and harvested by the Illuminati – to become part of a seed corn population for the NWO (underground cities, insect based food).

    B) Out of reach of mega-tsunami (well inland & alt>600m), sheltered from supersonic winds & plasma incursion, far from any volcano (or super-volcano), seismically resilient, on tectonically solid ground, insulated against extreme heat/cold, with access to several years’ food & water (given volcanic ash fimbulvetr and poor hunting/foraging).

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