July 13, 2024

Many recent headlines claim: “The world is at the precipice of World War III.” While Henry Kissinger recently warned that the war in Ukraine seems likely to experience dramatic escalation no later than August 2022, Taiwan is holding live fire drills while China has large war games focused on blockading Taiwan. In another article we see how this could easily escalate into WWIII. “A group of American defense experts operating out of a 5th floor suite in Washington DC have been mapping out a hypothetical war between the United States and China over Taiwan” – and the author of the article says “China has significant military superiority around Taiwan.”

“Nuclear weapons are not part of the scenarios, and the weapons used in the simulation are the most likely to be deployed based on current capabilities of the nations involved.

News of the war game simulations come as China began test-firing missiles in recent days following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) visit to Taiwan.So far, 18 of 22 rounds of the simulation to date have resulted in Chinese missiles sinking a large part of the US and Japanese surface fleet, and would destroy “hundreds of aircraft on the ground,” according to Cancian, a former White House defense budget analyst and retired US Marine.

“However, allied air and naval counterattacks hammer the exposed Chinese amphibious and surface fleet, eventually sinking about 150 ships,” he added.

“The reason for the high US losses is that the United States cannot conduct a systematic campaign to take down Chinese defenses before moving in close,” Cancian continued. “The United States must send forces to attack the Chinese fleet, especially the amphibious ships, before establishing air or maritime superiority.”

To get a sense of the scale of the losses, in our last game iteration, the United States lost over 900 fighter/attack aircraft in a four-week conflict. That’s about half the Navy and Air Force inventory.

“consider that China’s share of world trade is over seven times larger than Russia’s [1] and constitutes about 19% of all American manufactured goods imports. [2] Imagine if importing goods from China and doing business with China became the same as they are with Russia now. Imagine what the supply chain and economic impacts on the world would be. Imagine what sanctions on China would be like for the world. [Remember that Taiwan produces a huge portion of the world’s best computer chips, and that these are crucial components of all computers and electronics.] Supply chains would collapse, economic activity would dive, and inflation would soar. And that’s just what would happen to economies due to economic warfare which would pale in comparison to the impact that military warfare, which we are obviously dangerously close to, would have.

With the U.S. and Western Europe backing Ukraine, Russia would very likely back China. And the China-Russia alliance would likely also include Iran and many other Islamic nations that are anti-American. Never forget there are multiple battlefields in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Gaza, and other places with few pro-American politicians. The French prophet Nostradamus warned almost 500 years ago that Europe would be invaded by an Islamic alliance allied with China, and that America would be unable to help. Nostradamus described this would escalate into WWIII and should be over by 2028. Is this timing plausible? With war already going on in Ukraine, and likely in East Asia, many say yes. Europe also has plenty of issues with Islamic migrants failing to assimilate, causing major social divisions and the “peaceful” Islamization of Europe. Europe could also easily see a new front open in the former Serbian province of Kosovo.

“Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti said the risk of a new conflict between Kosovo and Serbia is high, as the situation in the area changed after the Ukrainian war. Kurti commented on the rising tensions between the two countries in the past few weeks in an interview with Italian daily La Repubblica. “The risk of a new conflict between Kosovo and Serbia is high. It would be irresponsible if I say otherwise, especially after the world saw what Russia did to Ukraine,” Kurti said.” Will this lead to WWIII soon, as described by Nostradamus? We can’t know for sure until something happens… but certain indicators of upcoming conflict which monitor factors like increased military spending and political rhetoric are “off the charts” and “comparable to previous major wars.”

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