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September 21, 2023

12 thoughts on “Professor Suggests Crop Circle is Polar Doomsday Clock Warning Catastrophe in 2028-2029

  1. I think it’s more likely that The Doomsday Clock (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists) represents the latest estimate for the axial flip cut-off date – if you map 24 hours to 24 millennia, 100 seconds (of 2020) maps to 2047.

    By this time, the population should be winnowed, and the ‘wheat’ should be used to a diet of insects and artificial meat, ready for a troglodytic existence.

    1. Interesting interpretation by one of my few blog readers left since some algo or agency decimated my views on wordpress overnight June 7. Zod: besides my poleshift.fyi, I’m thinking of starting a new blog on another site, any suggestions?

      1. By ‘another site’, do you mean a new domain name of yours, or to become a contributor on some other related site?

        And is this ‘new blog’ to be on the subject of poleshift or something else?

        You could find a slot on https://cassiopaea.org , but I think it’s a bit of a honey-pot (a bit Zeta-ish).

        TPTB are going to want to decrease the visibility of poleshift related discussion – not increase it. So, I don’t hold out much hope for your chances of obtaining more visibility.

        In any case, a lot of those ‘views’ could have been bots, and now the ‘view count’ is more accurate. :-/

      2. “TPTB are going to want to decrease the visibility of poleshift related discussion”
        Zod, you are completely right here. Note the complete disappearance of “Aquarius age is coming” themes, despite Aquarius being closer than ever. But someone could get into questioning too much… wait, what Aquarius? Zodiac? But what is Zodiac? The great year…?
        In the way, this is an indirect proof that TPTB control counterculture too.

  2. If the pole shift were to be 2028, 2029 or later, it would not make sense to launch covid already 2,5 years ago. If there is no pole shift relatively soon, remember there are extremely serious problems already on horizon, especially peak oil, peak gas, peak coil… the end of combustible energy in general.
    Someone who decided to launch our civilization basing it on oil & gas & coil, had to know all that, and about coming pole shift, a natural terminus to burning fuels, too.

    Crop circles are mainly astronomic and physical schemas. Some refer to the hollow Earth theory – all these sinkholes must fall into somewhere empty.

    1. JtA, these things evidently take time. Perhaps measures will accelerate, and the jabbed will drop like flies this autumn?

  3. My comment regarding ‘substack.com’ as another possible blog platform for you doesn’t seem to have appeared.

    Another off-topic: “The center of this panel is occupied by the Orion-Sirius group, in which Orion appears west of Sirius instead of east.” I just came across this snippet. Somehow it seems no-one has appreciated that in the era of the ancient Egyptians Sirius would be many degrees away from where it is now. Thus Sirius would indeed be in a different place with respect to Orion. https://www.apkallupress.com/the-ceiling-of-senmuts-tomb/

    Another interesting snippet at that link is this “By dropping Orion, Senmut may be trying to tell the viewer that the rollover of the earth took approximately 160 minutes.” That would certainly make the sky visibly fall.

    1. Magnificent link on Senmuts tomb. I hadn’t approved the earlier comment on substack only because it struck me more as a personal message, not necessarily for the blog. But since you were concerned, I approved it

      1. Ì was only concerned that it had actually been received. By all means don’t publish it, but an acknowledgement such as ‘Ta wrt substack’, would help. 🙂

        I’ve posted using a valid e-mail (zod.y…g@gmail.com), should you ever wish to contact me directly.

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