May 28, 2023

4 thoughts on “Why Did They Blow Up the Georgia Guidestones?

  1. Maybe someone realized the North Star is not exactly where it should be… Anyway, a refreshment from the usual “two towers” falling down (WTC, Notre Dame etc)…

  2. I expect they were ‘becoming an embarrassment’, because too many folk jumped to the wrong conclusion, thinking that they were recommending a man-made population reduction now (a la vax), rather than addressing a nascent, post-diluvian civilisation.

    The same folk will probably now rest easy, despite the ongoing winnowing (that will soon escalate).

    1. Yes, it is interesting how eagerly jumped on those famed “500 millions” whereas other precepts which actually were much closer to reality (eg. one world language, world court) brought no such focused attention.

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