June 24, 2024

Early this morning, someone blew up part of the only modern monument warning us about the coming pole shift catastrophe – the Georgia Guidestones:



Unfortunately embedding the links to videos above for easier viewing has been disabled, but do check them out.

Then hours later, crews bulldozed the rest of them:

The time and date in the upper right of the security camera video (in the first non-embedded link above) shows the explosion occurred at “07-06-2022 04.03.33 AM”

Google “date Christ rose from dead” and the top answer begins: “According to ancient Babylonian and Chinese astronomical annals, that date is 3 April AD 33 on the Julian calendar” – April 3, 33 A.D. 04.03.33 – does someone want us to know this is related to the Resurrection or the Second Coming? That may or may not be significant but I find the numeric match hard to ignore.

I’ve written about the Georgia Guidestones and their meaning several times over the years. Fortunately, I investigated the Georgia Guidestones (again) thoroughly less than a year ago. You get a better explanation and a normal view in my first video below, but the second has a better view as I walk around and show every side.


I now wish I didn’t turn the phone sideways in the video below, but I can eventually edit this footage:


That shows them in great detail in a way no one will ever see again. But I think many people will be talking about them now. Why was the first commandment or rule to maintain humanity under 500,000,000 population? That means at least 15 out of every 16 people have to die first…. Was the whole monument built of thick, heavy granite at high elevation to survive a pole shift catastrophe, and pass some wisdom to survivors in the next world age? That would explain why there are so many languages on it – the builders have no idea who will survive or what language might be spoken by the people they thought would find it again in some future age. If so, why the sudden moves to destroy it?

Again, this just happened today. More people will have insights as time goes on. Please share this, and comment. There must be a reason for the destruction of this monument today.

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