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September 21, 2023

7 thoughts on “No Pole Shift in 2023, Maybe Not Until 2040s

  1. Very painful videos – can’t bear ’em.

    Anyway, it seems plausible to me, that when the external field is so strong that the deflection of Earth’s apparent magnetic north from the the axis reaches a certain angle, that axial instability and flip will soon occur. Who knows what that specific deflection is tho?

    Even ‘The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ is uncertain. Their Doomsday Clock is currently “100 seconds to midnight” (https://thebulletin.org/doomsday-clock ) Which, if you map 100 seconds (of 24 hours) to 24 millennia, you get about 26 years to go (26=28-2).

    As to your visibility, I’m not surprised. They don’t want the horses to be frightened.

      1. As it is, it is way too complicated. It’s like a page of article thumbnails all competing for attention. It is not obvious where to start.

        I suggest you have discrete forms (perhaps different domains):
        1) An online book focussed on cyclic catastrophism (evidence for it, theories as to its causation, nature, timing, etc.)
        2) A blog focussed on cyclic catastrophism – your latest potentially pertinent observations.
        3) A blog focussed on the assumption of the immanence of ‘end times’, which can include a lot more, e.g. current affairs, prophecies, etc.

        There’d probably be good interest in a book layout that could be used by neophyte and adept alike, e.g. as both an introduction and reference.

  2. Yeah. I only watch the ones that come out on the 17th of the month to see the magnetic north position. Kind of torturous listening to the guy. He says he’s gonna try to get Ben taken down. I sure hope not.

  3. Maybe it is a mistake to concentrate on data which you cannot establish on your own. Heat waves, and now monkeypox have strong Revelation correlations (Rev 16.9, Rev 16.2), and this correlation is to the LAST plagues.

    However, as you can see the official explanation are becoming more creative, even if most people do not realize that vegetaton does not spontaneously ignite even at the 40 C degrees temperature. But for those who do realize this fact, you have now ‘electrocuted birds’

    1. To be precise, people believe in self-ignition of vegetation when they accept the thesis that ‘climate change is the reason for increasing fires’.

    2. JtA, if you were looking for any hidden esoteric meaning in your linked story, the obvious keyword is ‘firebird’, which is also known as the Phoenix, and this is one of the symbol’s of Earth’s 12,000 year cycle – as in to be destroyed, to be reborn from the ashes (qv Ekpyrosis).

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