May 18, 2024

There is a British pole shift researcher named Gene who has the channel Maverickstar Reloaded on Youtube. I do appreciate Gene’s determined efforts to measure the movement of the magnetic poles. But his videos – to me at least – are painfully slow and boring. And he is constantly asserting that because of an experiment with a magnet and compass, he knows that when our Magnetic North Pole has moved over 40 degrees from its old position in Canada, it will suddenly lead to a rapid geophysical pole shift event.

Our planet’s magnetic poles are moving fast to new positions. We owe thanks to Gene for letting us know the MNP is moving towards Russia at over five miles per month. But as Ben Davidson points out, the Earth’s relationship with the sun and other sources of large magnetic fields has little to do with Gene’s depiction of a rotating bar magnet and a compass.

A catastrophic pole shift will happen as described here. But probably not until the 2040s.

…And for those who really follow my books and posts – someone has decided the site you’re looking at now should get less attention. Views suddenly tanked about ten days ago for no reason I can determine.

I don’t know why my views suddenly fell about 75% to levels not seen in many years. There’s a chance it is coincidence, or the result of some algorithm changing – and not intentional, and not at all related to my pole shift content. But I’m going to make more effort to build up a new version of my blog at – hopefully some of my followers here will start looking there, as this spot feels like it’s being targeted. Let me know what you think I should do to keep improving the new site. Thank you!

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