October 4, 2023

18 thoughts on “Proof That Galactic Magnetic Fields Flip

  1. It’s all pretty straightforward once you understand that the Sun and its dual oscillate above/below the galactic plane (in their 24,000 year long barycentric orbit). The field doesn’t move or oscillate. The Earth moves between the oppositely polarised fields via the plane’s null zone. That it’s straightforward to deduce is why the existence of the dual is kept secret (and why dualist Catharism was stamped out) – despite astronomers inducing the existence of a massive celestial body (‘Planet X’) just where the dual happens to be. Our Sun does not have micronovas every 12,000 years. The Earth inverts (N & S poles exchange positions within 20 hours or so) – and THAT is what provides the force to generate crustal displacement.

    1. The Planet X is to have its own star, a neutron one. So the dual does exist, just not alone (planet X is bigger than its star).
      Besides, duality present in Catharism etc. has a moral nature, which suggests that X may be inhabited….otherwise we would have to assume that simple magnetic + and – generated good and evil.

      1. The dual is The Sun’s twin – its barycentric partner – its opposite.
        Opposite as in diametrically opposed.
        That clue is represented by male/female, black/white, good/evil, god/devil, etc.
        This clue was too obvious in Catharism (God vs Satan), so it all had to go.

      2. I don’t think Catharism was too obvious. At that time, people still knew only 5 planets. That papacy – one group of cognoscenti – decided to wipe out another group of such people, Cathars perfecti, seems to me to have more to do with the stress on the world united, ruled by one power, in the face of the End which many thought would be around 5000 of Babylonian calendar, or 1240 AD.

      3. JtA, The Illuminati have a multi-millennial perspective. They don’t act in terms of ‘the now’, but in terms of centuries hence.

        Another example of such long term planning is the hyped up geocentricity/heliocentricity controversy/dichotomy. This was always intended to establish heliocentricity as THE INCONTROVERTIBLE TRUTH. Leading its devout believers to smugly consider themselves superior to primitive geocentrists. Heliocentrism/monism thereby hides dualism.

        Thus, today, exceedingly few can even countenance the preposterous notion of barycentricity (dualism).


      4. But even Illuminati made mistakes, as humans they are. Close analysis of events during Crusades points to the fact that their goal was keeping Jerusalem during the coming “redemption” /pole shift. Soon after NOTHING happened,Jerusalem had ultimately fallen to Musilms and Crusades ceased completely, despite earlier massing of resoureces into one crusade after another…
        Of course, even at that time, they had thrown a veil, namely, building millenarian expectations around the year 1000 AD, not 5000 of Babylonian calendar. Nevertheless, ultimately they were wrong: nothing supernatural happened in 5000. Ok, leprosy appeared in Europe, maybe as a cruel joke of God at rushing redemption.”You wanted redemption? You got leprosy!”

  2. JtA, ‘Illuminati’ denotes the extant secret society/ies (Leo to Pisces) tasked with preserving knowledge vital to mankind, and carrying out the great mission to escape Samsara (continuity of technologically advanced civilisation into the new world order, i.e. withstanding the great reset).

    Consider the Eleusinian mysteries (pre-Piscean). Demeter is today cognate with ‘Notre Dame’ (our lady/the mater), but is ultimately symbolic of The Sun’s Dual (Ceres, cereus, etc.).

    I presume you are aware that the 4 evangelists are the four cardinals of the cross/Zodiac? Leo (start of old world order), Taurus, Aquarius (cataclysmic start of new world order), and Scorpio.

    Traces of The Zodiac can be found throughout the last 12,000 years (antediluvian traces having been cataclysmically erased). The Sphinx is older however, as is The Great Pyramid (designed to communicate to future, technologically advanced civilisations the critical celestial alignment of The Sun and its dual when polar flip can be expected).

    I tend to sympathise with the theory that the crusades were an attempt by the Templars to secure the lands around The Pyramids, with an eye to standing guard over their secrets. It could be this was achieved in any case (covertly), even if it appears they were ultimately unsuccessful.

    As to science fiction, and a story about a pervasive symbol of which no-one knows its meaning, I suspect no such story exists because the point of making symbols pervasive is to preserve and perpetuate the esoteric knowledge they symbolise.

    I’ve not read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Illuminatus!_Trilogy mainly because I suspect it would more likely muddy the waters than clear them.

    Incidentally, Google is very reluctant to show the following in its results.

    That’s probably because the Helliconia trilogy is one of the most enlightening works concerning dualism. And if they stamped out Catharism, it’s not surprising Google would ‘memory hole’ anything similarly revelatory.

    1. I am well aware of four Evangelists symbolism. I even know that synoptic ones are representing sons of Noah, so Venezia is Phoenicia 😉
      But I am dumbfounded by the excessive cult of Virgin Mary/Our Lady, despite also knowing about Black Madonnas pagan genitura. We already had dualistic systems, so why yet a feminine deity. I thought that it maybe is a relict of Seven Sisters cult, but Mary cult is simply excessive (and there are 3 of them: Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Mary Salome).
      Anyway, trinity here and there would suggest a triple system, actually: Sol, Sirius, Nibiru. Didn’t Dogon tribe believe it too…?

      1. JtA, different cultures/religions ascribe different natures/aspects to the ‘god’ (star/dual) deemed responsible for Earth’s destruction/creation twice a great year.

        There is a feminine/creative aspect (Mary, Demeter, Ceres, Isis, etc.), which includes Matrix & Prima Materia, so, amusingly, if you answer the question “What is The Matrix?” deeply enough you’ll end up at the same answer as with the question “What is The Zodiac?”

        And then, there is a masculine/destructive aspect (Lord, Father, Satan, Baphomet, The Destroyer, etc.).

        Also check out Kali/Shiva/etc. which combine the destructive and creative.

        And then we have the red/blue Kachina of the Hopi, i.e. the dual changes colour from red to white to blue as it passes through apoastron.

        The Seven Sisters would be The Pleiades, which are significant because they delimit the celestial gnomon (with Orion’s belt), which points to the dual upon the coming of the sign of the son of man.

        The Trinity simply denotes Earth’s three key lights: The Sun, The Father (dual – hallowed be its name), and the holy ghost (simulacrum of The Sun, i.e. The Moon). The Duality, two towers (and arch), represents just the duals (and the arch, their bond).

        Nibiru, the planet (non-fixed star) of the crossing, is simply another name for the dual – which crosses the galactic plane around apoastron.

        The Dogon (‘no god’ = godless) tribe cock & bull story was invented to lend weight to the existence of Sirius B, but is so ridiculous it may have been intended as an inside joke to the cognoscenti, even as it still deludes the credulous. NB The concept of a ‘white dwarf’ was invented specifically for Sirius B (later ‘discovered’ elsewhere – to make it less suspicious).

    2. How could Illuminati in the age of Leo/Pisces reasonably know that we would develop industrial civilization once again?
      Anyway, the loss of many technical capabilities after the fall of Roman Empire would suggest Illuminati weren’t as capable at that time as they probably like to think about themselves.

      1. Well, JtA, this is the nature of the arcane knowledge passed from antediluvians to postdiluvians, and thereafter down the generations.

        NB Knowledge isn’t the same as technology (or technological capability).

      2. It is not sure whether these verses of Amos 8. 11-12 refer really to everyone, or just for a general population, but they somehow put into question the extent of Illuminati’s knowledge. as they seem to describe confronting the end of days with lacking knowledge:

        Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:
        And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it.

      3. JtA, it’s Amos 5:8 that provides the biggest clue:

        “Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of night into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth forth the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name.”

        When The Earth turns topsy (The Lord being in line with the gnomon from Pleiades/Orion), day & night will become highly irregular, the sky will fall (and the stars will roll up like a scroll), and mega-tsunami will run rampant across the globe.

        Not everything is as clear as that…

      4. ZOD, obviously you are right concerning Amos 5:8, I admit it. But you always stress the astronomical content, whereas , for example Amos 8:11-12 refers to human actions in the wake of coming change. Because of the certain sense of futility conveyed by them, Illuminati may not like them, as at least partly they partake in the knowledge of rabbinic Judaism.
        If you read Old Testament, and then explanatory midrashes, you will realize that the latter always harmonize the punitive content/logic of the former to perfection. Looking through midrash eyes, the story of Jews is a story of perfect-but-not-enough-perfect-people, in Orwellian parlance, only good, plusgood and doubleplusgood are allowed, thus excluding evil, mistake and true punishment out of existence…
        Example from midrash: Why was Miriam afflicted by disease in the desert? Because she was less good than Aron.
        You see Illuminati in a bit similar way, if I may say so.

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