April 21, 2024

Pole shift researchers often conclude that the galactic center causes the electromagnetic disruption that triggers a pole shift on Earth. Dr. Paul LaViolette is known for his “galactic superwave” theory – which warns that all spiral galaxies, including our own, have a central black hole which – while normally inactive for thousands of years – periodically experiences a huge outburst of energy, light, and dust.

He points out the many concentric expanding shells from such events in other galaxies, and says they are also in our own galaxy – but as they move at light speed we can’t see or detect them ahead of time.

Ben Davidson has a different but somewhat related theory – that our solar system periodically passes through ripples in the neutral sheet of the middle of the galactic magnetic field. Like a battery, our planet, our star, and our galaxy all have a north and south pole. One side of the galaxy is positive, the

other half negative, but the dividing line is not perfectly flat – it has an undulating wave that passes through us, perhaps every 12-13,000 years.

Davidson has videos revealing evidence that this is happening to us now; that stars slightly closer to the galactic center have already experienced micronovas, reversals, and other effects, and that our system is starting to be affected.

But all this was somewhat speculative, according to mainstream academics, until quite recently. A few weeks ago they first admitted that periodic micronovas are common, supporting the ideas of Ben Davidson and Robert Schoch and others that our sun has before, and will again soon, experience a brief nova.

I am reminded of Isaiah 30:26 “The light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the LORD bindeth up the breach of his people.”

Micronova were acknowledged by mainstream academia for the first time just a few weeks ago in an article in the British science journal, Nature: “We have discovered and identified for the first time what we are calling a micronova,” explains Simone Scaringi, an astronomer at Durham University in the UK who led the study on these explosions published today in Nature. “The phenomenon challenges our understanding of how thermonuclear explosions in stars occur. We thought we knew this, but this discovery proposes a totally new way to achieve them,” he adds. Micronovae are extremely powerful events, but are small on astronomical scales; they are much less energetic than the stellar explosions known as novae, which astronomers have known about for centuries…. Micronovae are similar explosions that are smaller in scale and faster, lasting just several hours….”

In addition, scientists just reported the discovery of another galaxy flipping its magnetic field. All of these developments support modern theories on pole shift triggers, for what affects the entire galaxy clearly has effects on stars (including our sun) and on planets (including our Earth.)

One recent article from May 11 titled: “Pole reversal at the black hole – astronomers observe the active galaxy core as the magnetic field tips over” says: “astronomers may have observed an active black hole during a pole reversal for the first time – the entire magnetic field of a supermassive black hole changed its orientation by 180 degrees within a few months. Evidence of the flip was a drastic 100-fold increase in the brightness of this active galactic nucleus and a mysterious pause in energetic X-rays.… At the peak of the polarity reversal, the black hole’s magnetic field collapses completely, stopping the “engine” for radio emission as well. A short time later, the magnetic field begins to regenerate in reverse polarity.” Another recent article from NASA says: “A magnetic reversal, where the north pole becomes south and vice versa, seems to best fit the observations…. As the flip progresses, the field becomes so weak that it can no longer support the corona.” [They are describing a corona around the galaxy’s central black hole – but it could just as well describe what happens to a star like our sun, which may briefly go dark, then blast on extra bright momentarily – when the wave of a galactic polarity reversal arrives.]

With each passing month, my certainty grows that a catastrophic, civilization-ending pole shift is due within a few decades at most – and several intelligent people I know think it will be as soon as early 2023. While I’m not convinced on exact timing (yet) I encourage everyone to pay attention to the evidence.

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