April 21, 2024

A few days ago, Martin Armstrong posted: “Our computer warned back in 2013 that Ukraine would be the place where World War III would begin. I warned that the ONLY way to prevent that was to split Ukraine based on the language.

While the propaganda is that Kyiv is fighting for freedom and democracy, they have refused to allow Donbas to vote and recognize their independence when it rejected the revolution carried out by the West. The hatred in the West of the Russian-speaking East is well documented. It stems from the period of Stalin’ starving of 7 million Ukrainians to pretend that Communism was working (see film Mr. Jones)….

The Dnipro River was the border between the old Russian Empire and Ukraine. The East of that river was NEVER Ukrainian territory. It was assigned to Kyiv under the USSR for administrative purposes. Crimea was always Russian and was merely assigned to Kyiv in 1954 under the USSR. Nevertheless, we are to throw the entire world into war over this nonsense only because it serves the objectives of the Neocons and the World Economic Forum which cannot pull off this Great Reset without also overthrowing both the governments of Russia and China.

Sorry to inform them that our computer has NEVER been wrong on geopolitical forecasts and it is written in stone, in the end, the West will lose to China, which has already stated that it is in a strategic partnership with Russia.”

Almost 500 years ago, the French prophet Michel de Nostradamus suggested that WWIII could start in Ukraine. Though his focus was on the decline and negligence of Western Europe and an invasion of Muslim armies into France, he also clearly describes Russian actions, and part of his Quatrain 3:95 says:

“The Moorish law shall be on decline,
After it, another one more seducing,
Boristhenes (Latin for Dnieper) shall be the first to fall”

Though they are often vague and confusing (especially if one lacks knowledge of history, mythology, astronomy, and foreign languages) I think there is substance to dozens of Nostradamus’ prophecies. And assuming he really could see some limited version of future events, I suspect that his reference to “Moorish law” is not a reference to North African Moors and Islam in this case, but is a reference to Sir Thomas Moore’s “Utopia” and to communism, which Nostradamus refers to elsewhere as “the loving of everything in common” on one side and those of “opposite ideas” on the other side. Perhaps those Westerners with the ideals of democracy and capitalism being referred to in line 2’s “another one more seducing.” Those in Kiev certainly shifted towards the corruption and bribery and money laundering of the West, if not the democracy.

Other Nostradamus prophecies have been interpreted to say that the war in Ukraine would begin about 1700 years after the Council of Nicea, which was in the year 325 A.D. We’re pretty close on that. Nostradamus suggested that the war in Ukraine will become WWIII, with a pan-Islamic alliance at war with most of Europe as Russia and China do whatever they want. America is strangely inactive at first, but eventually comes to Europe’s aid again. The French prophet suggests a third world war ending around 2028-2029, followed by a catastrophic pole shift in October….

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